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  1. This method seems to be very promising. I have one of these drives and I tried shorting it at the points shown above and then tried connecting it as an external hard drive. My computer can now see the drive and it's contents but the access is extremely slow. I did not do the terminal commands yet as I had to order the hardware to do so and haven't received it yet. I'm assuming that after I do the terminal commands it should fix the slow access issue. I'll report back once I receive the hardware and attempt the terminal commands, but I'm pretty confident it will work.
  2. I'm having the same trouble with my drive: st2000dl003 P/N: 9vt166-301 F/W: cc32 SITE: wu DATE: 11287 I'm using Win Vista and had it connected as an external drive via a USB connection. Worked great for about a month and then disappeared. Spins just fine when you start it up, just isn't found by the BIOS. It still shows up in Device Manager, but no where else. It locks up Windows Explorer if I browse to it, it also locks up Disk Management in Computer Management. I tried booting from a couple different Linux Live CDs and a DOSBoot Recovery disk, but none of them could get it to load either. Looks like there are a bunch of other people getting this problem now too, here's a thread about it at the Seagate Forums: http://forums.seagate.com/t5/Barracuda-XT-Barracuda-and/ST2000DL003-Barracuda-Green-not-detected-at-BIOS/td-p/87154 So far that's pretty useless but hopefully Seagate will admit that it's an issue soon and maybe issue a fix. Hopefully someone comes up with a fix for this soon.