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  1. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    I am trying to run RyanVM's Sun Java2 Runtime Environment silent installer from the setnextboot section of the 500_settings file. Currently it looks like [setNextBoot] Custom210File=jre506.exe Custom210Title=Sun Java2 Runtime Environment Nothing is happening. I have put the file in the C:\AutoRIS\$OEM$\$$\system32 directory. After the install the file is in the system32 directory and runs just fine manually. Any suggestions?
  2. SetNextBoot

    Put this in the wrong place. Please delete it.
  3. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    Sorry I missed your release with these drivers. These are BroadCom 57xx drivers for RIS. Had to install a new AV program in the building. I noticed that your sif file has the line OemPnPDriversPath= in it. This gives my systems fits (they freeze at the T -34 mark) so I deleted it. Hope you don't mind. NIC_Drivers.rar
  4. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    I haven't emailed the drivers yet since I have been having some problems. Tried the base image on another type of machine and had more nic problems (corupted sys file). I am going to play some more. Currently trying to build an image by putting a good sys file into your NIC_Drivers directory.
  5. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    Sucess!!! BTS' DriverPacks integrated into my flat file. The WatchDriverSigningPolicy was not running. The presetup command was calling it from the root instead of \D. This made me wonder if the SetDevicePath.exe was firing. I changed the 2 ines in the PreSetup.cmd to %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\SetdevicePath.exe %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D and %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe. After that I made my riprep image. Copied the ntoskrnl.exe into the flat image (got that 'cannot not locate a flat image that matches' error) and wrote it to a different machine. It is a Happy Day Thanks for all of your help. As far a nic drivers go, I have some machines that use Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit controller. The inf file needs to be modified to be used in RIS. After I copied the sys and modified inf files to NIC_Drivers and finished up, the compressed files would not run. I manually copied them from the NIC_Drivers to the I386 directory on the RIS server, killed the b57win32.pn_, b57win32.sy_ and b57win32.in_ files, and restarted the binl service and everything worked just fine.
  6. The reason I use Riprep is to rebuild about 80 public machines bi-monthly. Each machine has two different user profiles (not counting the Administrator) and all of them are members of a domain. If I could find some way of putting those profiles into the orginal image I wouldn't need to use Riprep. Any ideas anyone?
  7. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    RogueSpear I am on to trying to use BTS driver Packs. Do I still need to follow your guide to unattended RIS instructions for intergrating the driver packs? I understand about changing the directories around to get everything into the $OEM$ folder. What about the dosnet, presetup, and txtsetup files?
  8. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    jguderian I use OemPreinstall to put .net, java, Adobe reader, shockwave, etc. into my machines. That way when one of them gets updated I just put the new one in my install directory. RogueSpear The second install using Ryan's older updatepack went just great. By the way, things are much faster installing when I use AutoRIS . Tomorrow or maybe next week, I am going to try to to use Bashrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks. Great Work!
  9. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    Around line 219 of your code is " Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & RISSERVER & "\root\cimv2") " . It has been awhile since I coded but is that saying directory root\cimv2 on the RIS Server? I have errored out a time or two on this line and noticed that there was no \root\cimv2 on my RIS Server. Thanks for the script.
  10. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    Always interested in anything RIS! Has anyone tried using AutoRIS to make an image and then RIPREPing an image to install to like machines? I tried with RISult and had no problem making the orginal image byt the RIPREPed images were trouble. Each an every device wanted to be reinstalled and and when they were reinstalled they reported that the "data invalid".
  11. I spoke (wrote ) to soon. The Riprep image worked find on the machine I made it on but when I tried to put it on another machine (same purchase order) it reported that there was no hard drive. Also the orginal machine showed it needed 10 critical updates when I went to MS update. I did migrate both command 9 and command 10 to the sif file. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  12. Tried RISult and other than fixing a problem in the .sif file where the quotes were in the wrong place (command10 = "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\TEMP\BTS_DPs_cleanup.cmd") everything seemed to work great. Followed the instructions and cast an image to a new machine. Then modified the new machine for the specific lab it was in (Desktop, start button and printer) and then ripreped a new image. No errors there. Attempted to put the repreped new image on another machine and get the error "The BINL service cannot locate a flat image with a version that matches the version of the RIPREP image." Any ideas? Forget ths post. I looked and found ntk* files that were updated in my RIPREP image that were not in my flat image. Copied them to the flat and it is loading now.