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  1. I have just finished one new Windows XP installation and it works fine. The controller detected under Windows is the one you told me. i will make one new CD now and try it tomorrow morning. See you tomorrow, Eddi
  2. Hi again Fernando, Thank you for your answer. I have made some... no I should say I've made a zwong of tests/splitstreamed XP CDs since my last post and I think it works now. As you suggest in your first post, I decided to select every driver proposed during the driver integration (point 5)and to add tha latest inf file (post 6). I will try to test the "Intel® Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller" only and I'll tell you if it works or not. Once my installation work properly, I will detail everything here and also in a French forum called forum-hardware. Do you authorize me to cite this topic ? I go back to the test, I have still some to do !
  3. Hi Fernando, first of all, many thanks for the help you bring to everyone here ! I will soon install a version of WinXP Home Edition on my computer but I have a lot of question on how to proceed. My computer is described in my signature but I sum it up here : I have a newly-bought P8P67-M Pro (the µATX Asus-mobo based on the P67 chipset). This MB has some SATA ports: - 1 Marvell 6gbs (navy blue) - 2 P67 6Gbs (grey) - 4 P67 3Gbs I have a SSD, 2 HDD that will be configured as raid 0 (very soon) and one DVD having a SATA interface. In order to avoid any issue with the AHCI/RAID of the port on which the DVD is plugged, I’ve chosen to plug it on the Marvel port, turning it to IDE mode in the BIOS (“EFI”). Now, my problem begins and I have some question: - I have to configure my P67 in RAID mode but I will install WinXP on a non-RAID SDD. Is there any problem with that choice? - Do I have to create the RAID prior to the installation? - I want to slipstream the drivers proposed in the ASUS DVD or any driver compatible with the P67 chipset (I will first try the ones you propose). I think that the implemented controller is a “Intel Series 6 / C200” but I don’t find it in the selection proposed by Nlite in the iastor file. Which controller do I have to select? (I try the same with the drivers extracted from the last iata_cd.exe proposed by Intel but). Could you tell me the one I have to integrate? Many thanks in advance!

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