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  1. I am gonna try this I will get back with the results. Thanks much!
  2. Pre-existing 32 bit print servers. Thank you for replying. Sorry about the confusion.
  3. existing printer with 32 bit only drivers on 32 bit print servers.
  4. Hey all; I have been doing unattended installs for years now and I have learned more from this site than anywhere on the web so I thought I would give the group a question which is hounding me. I work for a large company and I have been put in charge of loading up 47 Windows 2003/2008 Print Servers with the latest Windows 7 64 bit print drivers for about 600 different printers. I have used this group to help me with the major task of unattended installations of Operating Systems so I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how this could be done using the unattended installation process. This w
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