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  1. Hello Forum, Before creating a new topic, would like to address my issue here. My problem has to do with the way win7 install fonts. I use lots of fonts; I got some packs and want to install them. I did, unfortunately seems that at least one of them is making a bit of trouble. Would like to UNinstall the one (s) that don’t want, i go under windows/fonts, as I normally do to install (by coping) but there is seems to be NONE. Obviously that is not the case; on this folder are some 24K fonts.... I need many, maybe not that many... How do I do, to delete or reinstall fonts from scratch on? W/O reinstalling Windows? PS: tried to use total commander to get to windows/fonts, but the folder doesn’t seem to exist. Have you got any clues what could i do to have it fixed? Thanks in advance Luis

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