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  1. In many times I installed win7 and ctrl shift f3 method I installed many programs and captured succesfully. But in my last trial. I used win7 sp1 original msdn iso, I mounted it and integrated updates with dism method. then I used this image in virtual machine with audit mode, lastly capture with unattend.xml (Copy Profile True), BUT KMplayer, Classic shell 3.0.1, MRT update, not seen anywhere ie9 wmplayer and update settings are disappeared. I can not figured out what is wrong? any idea?
  2. I am testing and testing and testing. I believe we can finally learn to produce clean compact and fully customized iso without any garbage. usually I note every phase in a txt file for future use step by step. If everyone share experinces like ricktendo and markus this forum will be the best one. thanks
  3. Markus I think you must use original sp1 integrated msdn iso for reduce dvd size. secondly I thougt vmware is virtually can make everything. so I created 30 gb vmware for win7x64. in setup I divide the hdd 2 part. I installed and sysprepped win 7. Then I changed the vmware iso from settings and loaded win7pe. then booted win7pe and used imagex. create the syspreded wim image to second partition in vmware. then I transferred to it usb stick. after testing it worked well. lastly it is not necessary to convert vmvare to vhd. you can do everything in vmware
  4. thanks for the reply. but this is "<DisableAntiSpyware>true</DisableAntiSpyware>" an xml for unattended.xml I ask DISM command for mounted wim files
  5. How Disable Windows Defender with DISM? with get-features command I can not find WD. it is not seen in features list.
  6. markus and ricktendo both of you are rocks thanks too much. 1- markus when I asked you first you advised me search google but as you see learning is a neverending story. 2- In OPK and technet videos; existence of boot files or not is never mentioned. reference computer is a single partitioned hdd and contain all win7 files including boot folder. are you sure boot must not be in your captured system...
  7. Thank you very much Markus1234 and Ricktendo64; I want to ask some simple questions? In ricktendo capture HD video 1. win7 installed on vmware then its converted to vhd. finally its mounted and captured. in mounted vhd he especially underline vhd must not have boot files. but a) in vmware setup boot folder is in the C: then where it was gone? b)in OPK videos and in other many source the term "reference computer" is a single partition and complete setup with boot folder? If I will use vmware what is the correct sequence? If I use a second partition with dualboot as second win7 can I capture with gimagex in first windows 7 without reboot to msdos bart pe?
  8. I use a setupcomplete.cmd for autoactivation : folder content is install.exe and setupcomplete.cmd. it work very well for activation. I simply add the mrt reg file to this. how must I do? I used convert reg2exe it work good on live system but not worked in windows 7 setup How can I add this reg file SIMPLY to setupcomplete.cmd?
  9. orsi and I had same problem. Why we can not see all language packs for removal. rt7lite or vlite use which codes? "
  10. Whay a new installed brand new system have toooo much file and folder. Why an operating system need too much file? System Drive C: file/folder count Windows 7 sp1 x86 = 48.073 file 8.935 folder Windows 7 sp1 x64 = 65.822 file 13.136 folder. What the hell is this? How this hdd can not be fragmanted or how this OS manage all these files without a performance loss? imagine it after installed softwares (office acrobat antivirus) or a few game with dvd size. Please share your C: size and your comments... (my lovely xp tiny little monster:)
  11. When I use rt7lite "remove all language packs" iso shrink about 400 mb.Rt7lite leave registry traces and I want ot use dism. although "install_wim_tweak" I can not see all language packs for removal. Anyone has an idea? What is the equal dism codes for remove below language packs? "Language Packs=True ar-SA=True bg-BG=True zh-CN=True zh-TW=True zh-HK=True hr-HR=True cs-CZ=True da-DK=True nl-NL=True et-EE=True fi-FI=True fr-FR=True de-DE=True el-GR=True he-IL=True hu-HU=True it-IT=True ja-JP=True ko-KR=True lt-LT=True lv-LV=True nb-NO=True pl-PL=True es-ES=True pt-BR=True pt-PT=True ro-RO=True ru-RU=True sr-Latn-CS=True sk-SK=True sl-SI=True sv-SE=True th-TH=True tr-TR=True uk-UA=True"
  12. Dear Markus, as a newly conquerer of win7, can you prepare a guide for very very lamer and newbie such as me? if possible with descriptive screenshots. Many people can not catch the words in video lessons. we have many questions now as you started to this work. thanks in advance
  13. I wonder which method of updates, hotfixes or ie9 integration is clean. in xp nlite or hfslip completely replace orjinal files with updates, so this hotfixes were not uninstallable. in rt7lite or dism method, for example ie9 integration, is ie8 backed up anywhere? is ie9 can be uninstall further? or it is a clean integration without uninstall option? is integration of 25-30 .msu hotfix cause many garbage after in winsxs or &KBxxxxx& folders such as in xp.

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