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  1. Dell Latitude D620, Service Tag: H2M0HB1 http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?c=us&cs=2684&l=en&s=pub&catid=5&dateid=-1&formatid=-1&hidlang=en&hidos=WW1&impid=-1&os=WW1&osl=EN&scanConsent=False&scanSupported=False&servicetag=H2M0HB1&SystemID=Latitude%20D620&TabIndex=0&typeid=-1 To locate the drivers faster, just google, example "R138226.exe", it will immediately bring you to Dell download site. Thanks 1. R138226.exe - Chipset A10 2. R153830.exe - Video A05 3. R116101.exe - NetBroadcom Ethernet A00 4. R165094.exe - QSet A47 5. R171789.exe - Audio A11 6. R114200.exe - ComModem A05 7. R18239.exe - O2Micro A04 8. R113813.exe - ALP - A10 9. R236916.exe - IntelPRO A15 10 INTEL_MULTI-DEVICE_A16_R257701.exe - IntelPRO A16
  2. I may have slipstream over 50 nLite. My last two slipstreams for Dell Latitude D600 WinXP Pro, I "Integrate Drivers" ATI display driver (R113575) CX_28793.inf and C2_28793.inf". I always tap insert "multiple" but it only inserted one driver and I forgot which one. I discover there is a difference if I slipstream with/without ATI driver. Attached capture screen OpenGL1.jpg (without ATI driver and install manually); OpenGL2.jpg (slipstream with ATI driver). My questions did nLite slipstream all the drivers correctly or did I do anything wrong. Attach: Last Session.ini, R113575, OpenGl1.jpg and OpenGL2.jpg. I have deleted recent Last Session.ini and attach a similar one I did much earlier. It shown only "E:\SlipStream\D600Work\Driver600\R113575\Driver\2KXP_INF\C2_28793.inf,0" cannot include R113575 too large Thanks and I have more questions later. Last Session (2011.06.03-01.50.04).ini
  3. How to integrate hardware Add-ons?

    1. Explorer- OK. will keep it. 2. System Restore - OK Also, ......you can also find newer versions of Unlocker if you search. Unlocker, prefer older versions. Tried the latest version earlier, not much difference. Most newer "freewares" force you to install "Ask, Yahoo tool bars" and "Bing". Another freewares "Eraser 5.88" is far superior to all versions there after. You did not give an answer on how to remove or what cause the "Windows XP Professional Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe-101209-1646 (serviced Pack 3)" to be on the lower right-hand corner. Any suggestion? I think I got the hang of it, a difficult learning curve, but worth the time spent. Thanks you. hope you can advise the lower right corner wording....
  4. How to integrate hardware Add-ons?

    Session File Last Session.ini
  5. How to integrate hardware Add-ons?

    Your replied noted. Slipstream two today. Latest, mistake/problem (below). How to eliminate two lines of wording at the lower right hand corner? -Installed two drivers without "inf". R90851 - Intel Mobile Chipset and R138226 - Conexant modem Application -Reinstalled again R236916 - PRO/Wireless 3945ABG. I pick "NETw5x32.inf", instead of "w29n51.inf"? Your advice. -Reinstalled again R171789 - SIGMATEL. There is audio but no Startup and Turn Off tune. Can live without if, but prefer with it. Attach session file. I did add session but didn't show up??
  6. How to integrate hardware Add-ons?

    The driver for the chipset is R138226. 945GM (667MHz front side bus) with Intel onboard graphics or 945PM. I would rather not install IE, but kept IE7 as necessity, been using Opera for over 12 years. Checked out Intel’s URL and decided not to change, took me over 6mths to get the wireless running properly. If it’s working good, don’t touch it, right? I installed/reinstalled R-138226, R11610, R116105, R114200 (hit or missed attempts). There is still a “?” on ECP port. I always deleted secession.ini before attempted the next one. Should I use the last secession to make changes on a fresh copy of WinXP3? Should I attach the secession file here? BTW, can you remove the secession files I posted earlier, it embarrassing to be reminded of my ignorant? Tried to edit it. Thanks.
  7. How to integrate hardware Add-ons?

    Thanks for the explanation. Not quiet yet, still need to play around with Unattended, Option and tweaks. I will do it tomorrow and if I do not, I might forget what I did today. Got very short memory. :-) Thanks for the help. I still think the Reference guide should provide more detail. Anyway, it is **** good stuff.
  8. How to integrate hardware Add-ons?

    Just download both drivers and ROOTs_UPDATE_ADDON.7z. Are these Framework...blah, blah which were updated among the twenty plus Security patches? This will further save another hour or so, including rebootings. Sorry, I am still confuse with the -X- switches and need to take time to read it.
  9. How to integrate hardware Add-ons?

    Thanks, Sp0iLedBrAt. I always got mix up with Drivers and Addons as explain below. Feedback: Just tested (done several since) nLite Slipstream. I am extremely pleased, except unable to insert DellDriver_ADDON_AD.7z in "drivers" selection task screen, either single or multiple. I finally gave up and continue. While burning, I realized my mistake, I should insert it in "Hotfix, Add-ons and Update" and not "driver". On testing one yellow "?" in system hardware. I guess R138226 Broadcom without the "inf" is missing. I install all drivers without "inf" and System software. Checked again all OK. Found Intel® PRO/Wireless R236916 icon look different from the original, but wireless work perfectly. Maybe it loaded the generic driver??. I am not a savvy computer geek. I had clean installed Win98SE probably a thousand times. WinXP is new to me. To speed up, skipped "Unattended, Option and tweaks", exception removed search, messenger and three or four more which I have forgotten. I will do another one and any help, and tips or advice will be most welcome. The Reference Guide is too brief and needs more details. On my first nLite attempted I use below URL as guide (found it). It works. With UDC-04.15.11.zip, I updated 27 security patches etc. Thanks everyone..I may come back for more help to trim the fat as I remove...options....tweaks. http://en.kioskea.net/faq/6304-how-to-slipstream-windows-xp-sp3-and-vista-sp1
  10. How to integrate hardware Add-ons?

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I have four more Dell D620 drivers, without "inf"- R116105, R138226, R165094 and R114200. R114200 is Conexant modem Driver with "inf". During nLite integration a red warning on "HXFsetup.exe". It skipped and I install later.
  11. Do I unzip first before inserts into nLite? Example: "DellDriver_ADDON.7z". When unzip, it creates a "Sys" folder, with "ENTRIES_DELL.ini" and "DELL.exe" in subfolder? Do I click on a multiple tab? If I click multiple, do I pick "DELL.exe" or the folders with everything inside or integrate only "DellDriver_ADDON.7z" and let nLite do all the work? I have no problems integrating hardware drivers with "inf". It clearly explains in the Index guide. I have searched and could not find step-by-step integrating Add-ons like Opera, CClean and Add-ons drivers, without “inf” files. I appreciate greatly if someone willing to help me here. Thank you.
  12. Sp0iLedBrAt, This is off topic, you might be able to help me to the exact site in MSFN forum, to clone a 500Gb (only "C" partition from 3 partitions) on to a 100Gb or if necessary to another 500Gb HD should I failed to slipstream CD/DVD for D620. I love my existing D620 video setup. The 14" screen is hard to get "exactly" right. Especially, if incorrectly fonts setting, config Opera and Kaspersky Lab are impossible. You cannot click at the bottom to save it. Thank you again.
  13. Greeting Sp0iLedBrAt, My slipstream Dell D620 was disastrous. Numerous errors in 9 secessions at one sitting. My previous slipstream D600 turns out to be excellent, except few mistakes. I mistakenly deleted many bookmarks after the session. Especially a line-by-line explains various components. Since I cannot find the URL, I depend on http://win-x.site40.net/nliteimages.html and it failed me. I cannot find the sit where I download Hot Patches "UDC-02.21.11.zip". I still unable to install system software R171887, D620 will not allow me to install after installation. Opera add-on was installed, but without icons on desktop and in program menu, plus hosts of other problems. I have since replaced the HD, back to my original HD. During update, it added 40 patches, a generic Intel Pro Wireless and two Broadcom Gigabit driver/application. Thanks. PS: We are in a different time zone. LAST SESSION (205704.15-15.33.07).INI LAST SESSION (205704.15-15.37.39).INI LAST SESSION (205704.15-16.05.34).INI LAST SESSION (205704.15-16.14.42).INI LAST SESSION (205704.15-16.27.00).INI LAST SESSION (205704.15-16.59.35).INI LAST SESSION (205704.15-17.10.16).INI LAST SESSION (205704.15-17.15.42).INI LAST SESSION.INI
  14. 1. Thanks, I understands the sessions better now. 2. I have already download WIRELESS_ADDON.7z earlier and have done nothing, except extract to a folder. 3. How do I add WIRELESS_ADDON.7z and DellDriver_ADDON.7z into nLite? When I extract it to a folder, It create folders E:\SyS\SVCPACK\delldriver.exe. Thanks you for your patient.