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  1. Hello Andre, Yes i click "Finish" after about 5 sec after i am in desktop, but i am shure that everything is loaded... The chace was disabled by me, i thought it was faster without the cache. Now i have enable the chace, the result is about the same. I Have uploaded at the same link for u to take a look, but to me it seems the the same. I will install SP1 and post some results. Thanks
  2. You were RIGHT Sir. I had nothing on IDE-0 , but i had IDE-0 and IDE-1 in device manager. So i disabled those 2 ide and the pci ide connector too, and now the delay has gone. Check for the new test at http://allschematics.com/result.zip What else can i do to reduce the boot time !? Is there any drivers that delays boot !? Thank you Sir.
  3. Hello Andre, I have on IDE-0 a normal 7200rpm HDD. I do not have cd-rom, or dvd-rom. I was thinking that that hdd will be, but i disabled from bios the ide channel, and nothing changed... There still was 2 storports, and there still was the delay from second 2 to 4, so i`ve enabled it again.. No change in delays with or without the ide hdd. Also if u look in drivers delay, some are loading on second ~6 , some on second ~10, some on second ~12. But what he is doing between second 6 and 10 ?! or betwen 10 and 12 ?! All the services i see them starting and finishing at sec 12, what delays them not loading earlyer !? i think my cpu and ram can handle them easy and earlyer, How much seconds to boot you consider to be a "fast boot" ?! Can be the cause my hdd speeds !? my raid have an average of 7ms access time. Thanks.
  4. Hello Andre.. I Found a raid driver that fixed the problem with the 10s enum. Now its loading storport.sys from second 0 to 1 and another storport.sys (i do not know why needs 2 storport.sys) from second 1 to 2, Then waits about 2,5 seconds until begin loading anything, (better than those 10 seconds). But i can't find out why it does not loading the next steps wright befor enum at second 2, why it waits until second 4,5 ??! And another question is, why there are so white spaces betwen procesess, as i see in the file, the proceses are started and finished in about the same time, what delays the next process !? The total time is about 14 seconds, i want to cut those delays when it does nothing, just siting in idle !? I have uploaded the results to take a look on http://allschematics.com/result.zip Thanks
  5. Thank you very much MagicAndre1981 I will try to find a good driver, maybe from other mobo or chipset that would match, cause for my mobo i have the latest driver from the gigabyte support website. I will try to contact amd support if i`l not find any good driver.. Again, thank you for your time and for helping, i will post back when i`ll get new drivers.
  6. Hello, i have run this command from your other guide.. (i think you refered to this command) xbootmgr -trace boot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER -postBootDelay 300 -resultPath C:\WPA i have uploaded the result : http://allschematics.com/result.zip The drives connected in raid 0 are only 2 HDD. i have also a single hdd connected as IDE mode (throught sata too) and a dvd-ram conected as Sata mode i think. All drives are sata2 (i think the raid controller handle all drives. even if they are not in raid. All 6 sata2 ports are handled by amd RD750 chipset i think, southbridge) I hope its not the number of drives that giveing the delay, cause i am expecting today for another 2 drives for the raid array. Also, the bios is building the raid array before windows is loading ( and its detected fast,,, about 3 second). Thank you
  7. Hello, I tested my boot too and i see in the .etl file that there are no activityes of processor, disk, readyboot or somthing else until second 11. The only thing i see from second 0 to 11 is under Process Lifetime, Idle (0) System (4). At second 11 begins all activityes and ends at second 22 The test was made on clean win7 64bit with default windows drivers. After i install mb chipset drivers, the test have no activity anywhere from second 0 to 18 The same as first from 0 to 18 is just the process idle 0 system 4. Can some one explain what would be the cause pls!? The proc is phenom x4 955 3,2 , hdds are : primary sata2 raid 0 2x7200rpm secondary 1 sata2 7200 hdd, 4GB ddr 1600, video gtx260. I have uploaded the 2 test (with and without drivers installed at http://allschematics.com/results.zip ) filesize is 6MB Thanks for help