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  1. sorry bloubul, dont know what happened to my youtube clip, but i have attached a sound file instead, its the sound the drive always makes for about 10 mins then goes silent, cheersharddrivesound1.wav
  2. Does it attempt to spin up when powered on (or DID it BEFORE you detached/insulated the PCB contacts)? If Yes, somehow you have a bad contact (or somehow managed to fry something, which IS a problem ). If No, your disk may suffer from a sticky bearing, which may be a far worse problem ): jaclaz Hi again, the drive has always made this sound from when it was inside casing to when i have detached the PCB, it does it for aroung 10 mins then goes silent. here is a link to the sound may need to turn your volume up a bit. cheers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Scimy1bktzM
  3. See if anything here helps or here (but DON'T use Nail polish remover, rather ethyl/isopropyl alcohol http://www.msfn.org/...ndpost&p=916757). http://www.msfn.org/...ndpost&p=957157 oh ere ! after doing all the suggestions still nothing only Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008, come on DOC dont spare me, its not looking good is it?
  4. Didn't you get a driver cd with the cable? That is normally the best place. Just disable your antivirus and firewall to stop that message. If you are worried, just disconnect from internet as well, then there should be zero risk. done all that to no joy, i have noticed that the hyperterminal freezes even when doing loop back test, i get a bout 2 seconds then it freezes, in both windows and putty edit: i have tried it on another computer, its working okay in hyperterminal now BUT i remove the card and screw it back i type in U but it doesnt spin back up, i get Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008 spin error elapsed time 7mins 38 secs r/w status 2 r/w error 84150180
  5. Hi r3nni32000, Not sure what is wrong. Do you have right driver/settings in Hyperterminal? ALL GNDs connected? Powered @3.3V? All connections secure & not shorting? i think so, all seems okay, maybe a driver problem, when i insert the dku5 cable it shows up as a ca-42(in device manager), should that happen? can you point me in a dirrection for the correct drivers for the dku5 cable plaese, cheers edit: i also get this message in my event viewer "The Windows Security Center Service was unable to establish event queries with WMI to monitor third party AntiVirus and Firewall. " could this be anything
  6. See here for sketch. See link in FGA #6 to determine which wires is which in your Nokia converter. Do NOT use colors, but count pins on Nokia end of cable that you cut off (hope you kept it ) hi bloubul, sorry to bother you yet again, heres my new problem the last cable i had was a duff cable so iam now using a dku5, its working, i get a loopback test, but when i ctrl z i get F3 T> but then it freezes and i cant type anything, i have tried several times, once i managed to type /2 then it froze again, tried loads of times, freezes, any suggestions please, thanks
  7. Try switching Rx and Tx around. Also see FGA #4 (excerpt just above your first post) cheers again bloubul, I tried switching the tx and rx with no joy, i have the grd going from usb to batteries, then from batteries to HD, is that right? Also on my ca42 cable i have a green wire left, is that data gnd? should i do anything with that. thanks in advance here what i have so far
  8. Ok use batteries then. Did it happened only once? What happen if you first connect your usb and then put power on hdd? i only did once as i was worried of losing data. no blue screen but not able to ctrl z in the hyper terminal (putty) and a non flashing green cursor. but the drive was still making the whirrrrclick noise, and to add to that oddly my sound has gone yet if i let my mic on i can hear that EDIT sound working after reboot (terminal had stalled)
  9. Good. That is a successful loopback test. What stopped? ser2pl.sys is usually related to the usb to serial driver. Are you using original drivers? Also try it without externally powering your Nokia cable (might just work) or just try it again thanks for the reply BlouBul What stopped? my harddrive stopped whir clicking. I'm using the drivers that came on a disk with the ca42 cable. when I remove the batteries I dont get any type in the hyper terminal. hhhm seems iam stuck
  10. Hi everyone, iam in a spot of bother, i have read loads of this topic and iam trying to fix barracuda 7200.11 with the bsy fix, firstly what iam using is a ca42 made in china IL4008321 5 wire, white and blue tx rx , black ground, 3 1.2v batteries wired to orange and gnd black from ca42, separate sata power supply. i think i did a loop back test ( i connected blue and white together and got type in the hyper terminal) My problem is when i powered on the hard drive it stopped so i then plugged in the ca42 usb and got a blue screen it said ser2pl.sys dumping physical memory, PLEASE could someone help me see what iam doing wrong, i would be greatful. cheers in advance.