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  1. Ok thanks, I'll use that utility to slow things down then.
  2. Nah, reverse integration means you need to install the OS. vlite only extracts the wim it. Alsp "allowedOffline=false" is set to true in update.mum in the main cab file, which means pkgmgr.exe integrates in into the extracted image. The thing is it doesn't work like that, vlite does something before that with the other updates, but it's to fast for me to see what. But I'm sure isn't anything like reverse integration. Reverse integration also can NEVER EVER break the install because it's nothing more than a normal installation of the service pack. It's just installing windows, install the SP and any other software, do sysprep and capture the image. The fact that it can break means some things aren't put in place by the offline method.
  3. You may know it, but you aren't answering the question... My real question was how vlite slipstreams SP1, concerns about SP2 are for later. And vlite CAN do SP1, and I'd like to know how. So if you know it, can you please tell me (regardless of any potential SP2 problems)?
  4. Oh, crap... Maybe someone else knows it?
  5. I know it doesn't work correctly right now. But the corrupted disc sounds more like a configuration issue of some kind. Some things aren't in place correctly after slipstreaming. Doing that imperfect slipstreaming twice (sp1 and sp2) seems to break something completely. But if someone can tell me how vlite does the job for SP1 I can try to figure out how to fix the issues + I can add vista to my slipstreaming guide. If I can't fix it, then that's it, nothing changes. If I can fix it then it's only good...
  6. It should be safe to use pkgmgr.exe, Windows 7 SP1 works fine with dism too. I'm just not sure if SP2 will install fine afterwards, but if that's a problem I'll try to fix it. I'd like to know what vlite does, but the creator doesn't reply my mail...
  7. Hi, I am making a guide about how to slipstream Windows 6.x SPs manually. I figured out how to do Windows SP1 by looking at how RT7Lite does it. Now I'm trying to do Vista SP1, but it's a little bit different than 7 SP1. I tried to look what vlite does, but the problem is that the 4 updates (not the big SP cab) are so small that vlite processes them too fast for me to see what is going on. So does anyone know how it's done? I know the update.mum in the big cab needs to be set to allowedOffline="true", but that is not enough, and the other updates won't work with pkgmgr either without modification. Thanks in advance, Stannieman
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