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  1. I finally figured out how to get my computer back to normal. In the event someone else gets into a similar situation... Luckily I still have a Windows 98SE computer so I made a Boot DIsk from it. Place the boot disk into the floppy drive of the Win ME machine and turn it on. Next, I chose the option "Start computer without CD ROM Support." At the DOS A:\ prompt type ATTRIB -H -S -R C:\_RESTORE (press enter) REN C:\_RESTORE OLDREST (press enter) When you press enter nothing really happens so don't worry. Remove the floppy, turn off the computer and then restart. Once the computer restarts delete the folder C:\OLDREST Cheers, John
  2. As I said in my original post there was a screen on my computer that said Unicode was installing so I thought it would be ok. I can't find the Win ME boot disk and the computer was a hand-me-down so the original OS CD's are not available. Will a Win 98SE boot disk work? If so, what do I need to do to fix the problem. It's been a long time since I've had to use a boot disk.
  3. I have just tried to install KernelEX V 4.5 Final on my WIn ME machine. I used Install WIzard and it all seemed to go well. When it asked about rebooting the machine I chose "Manual Reboot." Upon rebooting the machine it goes as far as the Windows ME welcome screen but then it just hangs. Next I tried rebooting while pressing F8 in order to start in Safe Mode. The multi choice screen comes up (Normal, Logged, Safe, Step-by-step, etc.) but when I choose "Safe" it takes me to the WIndows ME welcome screen again. After using the Wizard a screen came up about installing Unicode first but there was a screen behind that saying that Unicode was installing so I pressed "Finish." I'm guessing that is where the problem came from but I can't do much without being able to get into safe mode. Suggestions? Cheers, John
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