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  1. so It would be like doing a WPI type setup then ? or just use WPI?
  2. If I create an AIO windows 7 disk by MERGING my x86 and x64 wim images and then integrate programs to be installed during the install process - will this need to be done individually for each seperate version of windows found inside the wim ? or just once and then be made available for ANY version that I choose to install ?
  3. If I have modified system files and I want them to go into the windows install dvd ... I do have to mount the .wim to replace the old files, don't I ?
  4. Can WPI be setup using profiles for automated installation ? For example - a profile for my work laptop and seperate profile for my home laptop and another one for my media center PC so that by selecting the profile it will then run the list of apps as a forced installation setup and also - does WPI allow for copying of files into any specific directory ? What I want to do is this: I want to copy my firefox extensions into their correct folder during wpi installation can this be done ? (given that mozilla uses a random profile name )
  5. ok thanks ... that means i'll have to find some silent installers for some of my programs then ... because i want them as a post install optional not as integrated programs. i have the toolkit already for the ones that i want integrated
  6. I created an unattended installation that gives the option for repairing a windows installation however for some reason it now will not automatically accept the windows EULA. Also the automatic update option is set to disabled however windows at first run is still asking me if I want to allow or not allow auto updates ... why ? Is there a way to do this ? Is there a way to possibly use the winnt.sif answer file to complete some of this setup ? Also the unattended install options have the OEM Preinstall enabled which SHOULD mean that I am able to utilise the $Docs etc folders allowing document fiels to be copied into the my documents folder however this is still not working My directory structure for this is: New Win XP cd\$OEM$\$Docs\vampy\documents Is this correct ?
  7. so can anyone confirm for me if there is a way to force an installation order within nlite ?
  8. not sure exactly which addons you're referring to as the TRUE .net addons but I did get the .net addon that i'm using from ryans forum. It's one that has all the .net right up to 3.5sp1 I am testing them on an actual test machine that I have setup for it. There was no reboot reqd at T-13 however the office 2k7 install would not complete and the error msg says it is because .net is not installed. I know that I could just complete the office 2k7 install using WPI after windows installs but would prefer to just have it run through the setup along with everything else as office 2k7 would be the ONLY program that would require the use of WPI. The problem still being of course that I need to be sure that .net is installed prior to other programs. Can anyone confirm for me the following: If I integrate the addons in a specific order will they install in that order ? or is that order irrelevant to the installation order ?
  9. I have followed the tutorials found on this site in order to have some of my basic files copied from my installation cd into the my documents folder. I created the $OEM$ folder and then placed another one inside it called $DOCS and placed the files inside that folder however they did not copy into the documents and settings folder as they should have done. Is the folder that defines the documents and settings during the copy process case specific ? ie: should the folder be $Docs instead of $DOCS ? Is there another way (easy way) for files to be copied into the relevant my documents folder.
  10. I was wondering if there is any way to specify an installation order for addons. I have tried to install office 2007 via an nLite created addon and have found that the installer failed due to the fact that the dot net framework addon has not installed itself first. Can I fix it when making the nLite created disk so that the dot net addon always installs prior to any addons that will require it ? or even make it so that this addon is the very first one to install ?
  11. Has WPI been updated to be used during a Win 7 install ? If not then is it at least able to be used within the win 7 environment AFTER installation of windows? If neither of those options are possible is there another program similar to WPI that will allow for use with Win 7 ? My understanding is that integrating into windows with programs like RVMI or nLite will only allow for silent installs of products post-win install ... not allow for the choices of installations like WPI does Hope that made sense.
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