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  1. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Question: I integrated all of the RST drivers into a XP install so I could use SATA Controllers in VirtualBox (without having to run IDE Controllers first, then install RST through windows, and then move my drivers over to the SATA Controller). I decided to integrate all of the RST drivers but that seemed to cause my install to blue screen... Why would doing so cause it to blue screen when the post-install RST download works just fine?
  2. CabLib Extract Error SYSOC.inf

    Yep, my latest build just worked successfully! I'm tweaked and fully updated to Feb 2011. Also integrated Intel RST Drivers. It was definitely my Microsoft Security Essentials. Thanks!
  3. CabLib Extract Error SYSOC.inf

    I am getting the second error... I am also using Microsoft Security Essentials. Thanks for the tip!
  4. CabLib Extract Error SYSOC.inf

    so I have been working on making my own custom nLited XP disk this afternoon and I keep running into a snag. Basically when I am "building" the install, I get a few CabLib Extract errors... "Make sure they are not damaged or tampered with. Would you like to try again by renaming them"... I forgot to take screenshots of them, but they read something like that... Interestingly enough, the "rename" attempt seemed to work and it produced a fully functional ISO image. I'm just wondering why this keeps happening? Thanks