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  1. jaclaz, Ponch - Just finished testing and worked perfectly. Added the menu.lst per Ponch, tested and worked perfectly again! So, did this have to do with me changing out the HDD? The BIOS recognized the DVD/CD previously... Also, thanks again for your help. This is a great forum for anyone trying to resolve an issue and/or wanting to learn more about their OS. Ponch, you may remember, or not from a few months ago you helped me to complete my USB for installing WinXP and Office. Should I edit this to Resolved?? Mobes
  2. Ok. I just tried a reboot and entered into Grub4Dos, after entering map --hook (no feedback), then input chainloader (cd0) and received a Error 25, Disk Read Error.
  3. @jaclaz - Sorry, I just realized my last reply didn't post. I'm sure it was a SUE! Anyway, I tried the map --hook and got the following error: Error 61: Refuse to hook int13 because of empty drive map table Please let me know what I need to do. Mobes
  4. Ok. I just completed the cdrom --init. I got the following: ATAPI device found Data =170, CTRL =376, Device =0(Note: 0 =Master, 1=Slave. CDROM Device found Data =170, CTRL =376, Device =0(Note: 0 =Master, 1=Slave Found 1 CDROM (Note: Further read could fail if hardware does not fully support ATAPI) I take it this good When I go to the next step the cdrom --init does not need to be done again, right? I will just type in map --hook??
  5. Ok. Got boot.ini modified I rebooted and selected Grub4Dos and at Command, typed Find ( and pressed Tab and got the following: Possible Disks hd0 rd. Only the HDD was listed.
  6. Thanks Guys, I had downloaded Grub4DOS from Sourceforge. I knew I should have asked! Anyway, I've downloaded Grub4dos 4.5b from the link provided. Just to clarify, I also copied grldr to C:\ correct? Also, I copiedC:\grldr="Grub4Dos"to the boot.ini. I assume when I reboot it should give the option of booting to Win XP or to Grub4Dos, right? When I try to save boot.ini I get an error "cannot create boot ini". I've made changes before to boot.ini previously and have not seen this come up. I'm sure it's just something I'm missing. Pls advise. If everything else looks good, I'll give it a go!
  7. I'll definitely give it a try. I just downloaded Grub4DOS to my desktop. Can you direct me from here? I also gained access to the Boot.ini. Thanks!
  8. @ Ponch - You're right. I removed the HDD from the boot order and the OS reads the optical disk fine. I've heard of Grub4dos but not familiar. Also, I verified a while back that my Compaq laptop does not boot from USB. I actually bought in July/04. I did find at the same time that my HP Desktop bought in 2005 does boot from USB. Am I pretty much left with removing the HDD from the boot order when I need to boot from the CD/DVD? If so, I'm sure I can live with that. Mobes
  9. Yeh, I've also tried from the Boot Menu and same result, goes to black screen, blinking cursor for a couple of seconds and then boots the HDD. I guess it may be an inconvenience I'll live with. At least my almost 7yr old laptop is still working fine and I now have a 250g HDD vs. the original 60g!
  10. When I attempt to boot with a bootable CD/DVD in the tray, I can hear the CD/DVD attempting to start (I assume being recognized). It then goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor for just a couple of seconds and then begins to boot Windows from the HDD. So, it seems as if it tries to boot the CD/DVD...
  11. Hey Ponch, How can I check that on my laptop? Also, I will not be able to get right back to you as I will be out for a while. Thanks for everyone's help! Mobes
  12. Thanks Dencorso- I'm not exactly sure what you mean by keeping the HDD enabled in the first BIOS screen but removing it from the BIOS boot?? What I did do sounds like your next suggestion; I entered into BIOS at startup by hitting ESC and went to the Advanced Tab into Boot Order. I then used the option to disable the HDD, saved settings and the CD/DVD disk booted. A few months ago when I was working on an install from USB, I had the chance to use PloP and it worked great! I successfully installed XP Pro and Office from my USB. Sounds like your second solution if I can figure out how to do it would be the best solution. Mobes
  13. Thanks guys. I just disabled the HDD in the BIOS and my XP/Office disk booted up just fine. So, is it something that my BIOS does not fully support this HDD? Is there anything I can do other than disable the HDD when needing to boot from the CD/DVD reader? Thanks again. Mobes
  14. Thanks X. I believe you're right about the disk management and Win 7 setup. I guess I've just gotten into the habit of using Gparted before installing. I really want to fix my issue with the bootable disks before I do anything else. I've never ran into this before. Mobes
  15. Hi X It does read the drives correctly. Although, I just noticed that I show a Drive D: DVD/CD-RW and a Drive E: CD Drive. I don't recall having the 2nd optical Drive. I understand about installing Win 7 within XP. I didn't even try my Win 7 disk. I figure none of the other disks are booting including the XP disk I used to reinstall my Win XP. I'm really trying to figure out why these disks will not boot in case I should need to be able to use Gpart or UBCD4WIN....

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