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  1. I am guitpoker if there's any way for me to put serveral mass 50dollarsgratuits drivers into just one floppy disk. I have only one floppy diskette in my hand, and I don't want to purchase extra floppy diskettes just to put drivers that I use only when I install Windows. pokerclubtheza So what I want to do is to put four different mass storage drivers (MegaRAID 320-2X driver for WinXP, MegaRAID 320-2X driver for WinXP x64, LSI1030 SCSI driver for WinXP, and Adaptec SCSI driver for trekkerpoker into single floppy diskette. poker-chti Is there any way for me to do it? If so how do I do that? Thanks.
  2. made an universal image poker-chti 32 and worked fine, all device drivers were from driverpacks. So with the success on xp32, I tried the doing the same thing with xp64 for the same machines but the attempt failed. I am wondering if the drivers from driverpacks support xp64 ??? and if the hal file names are the same as the one used on xp32??? pokerfamilly Many people gamble and do not even think why they do it and what are gambling! And why hammer head with unnecessary thoughts. For some, gambling is a source of profit for the second game, and for the third is a pokeroxx of life associated with passion, without which they can not. What pushes people to gambling? First, we must try to understand the meaning of the term gambling. Most dictionaries give a definition that is a kind of game in which for ultimate profits is allowed a certain risk. This general definition of gambling. In the dictionary of VI Dal 'is defined as gambling - it is random, fatal, depending on the happiness and luck game. If you rely on these definitions, then launching your own business - a gamble, buying a house - a gamble, get married or marry is also a kind of gamble. Ie In everyday life we are oftenpoker-fforum with enthusiasm, some more, and someone less. But everyone once in your life feels himself in gambling. For some, the experience of gambling is sad, but for someone positive, and other gambling takes over completely. So businesses that have a very large fortune and do not need drugs (as in the definition of gambling we have seen that the reason for gambling is to improve their material welfare) are constantly risk their own money, coming up with new ideas for businesses that need to implement and is not known whether these ideas are profitable or unprofitable. For them money is not important to them, the main process, passion and the moral satisfaction after translating their ideas into reality. These people simply can not live peacefully. The prevalence of excitement in life situations and underlies the popularity of gambling. After all, if in life people do not have enough situations, the outcome of which depends on their luck and happiness, then fill their men go to ninipokertour establishments. A further matter of psychology, not lucky the first time, you are lucky the next time a black belt in life must be replaced by white, good fortune must be in the end, a smile - these thoughts is the players who came to seek his fortune in gambling, but for which all ended not so well as to others. The prevalence of excitement in his life, among ordinary people, not players casinos, betting offices, businessmen can be seen in the ultraspoker83 Whether you buy ever lottery tickets? I am sure that most, no matter how everyone, the answer is yes. Whether it was in childhood or in adulthood. Gambling does play a central role in business, because in both cases the effect is the same principle - the initial risk in exchange for a profit in the future.