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  1. Already altered i was working a code with WMI and it got stuck in my head sorry. The .exe files are installing via the Script
  2. Hello people, I am new here and I m sorry if I am not posting on the proper part Well I have some laptops i need to manage and format more often then i would like to... So as a Lazy person that I am I created an unattended but i have to manually manage the partitions users and the serial number My idea was to merge windows 10 and 7 in one Wim file or maybe if i can keep two Wim files in the same source folder and via Unattended file i am building a small code to store user information partitions and serial numbers of the computers of the company and edit the unattended file and using the scripts to install the office and other programs they need and do all my work for me while i do more important stuff like update my Facebook status,LOL So my questions are: *Can I manage the installation process of an specific version inside the one Wim or better yet can I have multiples Wim files with different names and Choose them from the unattended file? *How can i integrate the wind 10 and win7 without the windows 8? * y some updates from win 7 simply wont slipstream? the .net and the windows defender i have already installing via script after the installation! Thank you for your attention and patience in reading it all even if you cant help me!
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