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  1. HI, Using IE 7 win 2k3 32bin IIS 6.0 I've tried everything I could think about but nothing seems to be working. I can't figure out why this server is so slow to load this web page. It loads right away on firefox but once i load IE there seems to be some kind of lag. does anyone have any tips for things i could try? IE takes about 80 Seconds on the clients computers, and even on the server.
  2. Hi! I was wondering what tools you guys use to collect info about local and domain security settings on server 2k3. I'm in the process of rolling over from physical to virtual and changing from x86 to x64, I wanted to get reports of the system just for reviewing before i completed this. could you tell me what tools you have used? I'm a unix admin so windows is not really my strongest side.... any help would be great.
  3. could someone create a newer update for 2011?
  4. Help with Unattended Install

    well first i want to do this on windows 7 x86/64. but eventually i want to install it on XP/Vista x86/x64
  5. easiest solution you can try is cisco network magic. I'm not sure if it supports 98 though. it is a registry change that has to be made but i don't remember what it is exactly.... its been a while. but the network magic will do it all for you.
  6. Hi, Ok so i've successfully created my silent installer for N360 Trial. Now what i need to do is while windows is installing i would like to have it installed at this time to. Keep in mind that this disk that is being created will be used to image many machines as we do repairs for o/s's. So here is where i am stuck. do i add a line in the unattended.xml file? am i supposed to create a .bat script to run this? I'm at a loss any help?
  7. norton antivirus 2010-2013

    I was able to do this by converting the .exe to msi. mine was a bit different as i was using the trial version to install. from what i had gathered from many many trials is that the full edition of Norton can not be silent unless you specify the product key in a script to auto enter. go to www.qwertylab.com and download the exe to msi converter when converting it to msi you are also aloud to put your flags in (/qn) etc.
  8. Thank you for your help lol still getting used to the site!
  9. Hi Everyone! Having trouble creating the code for a unattended installation of windows 7, Vista, and XP. What I am trying to do is unattended install of windows XP/Vista/7 with updated SP and updates to current date. Usernames pre-setup, and drivers. I completed all of this but the part i am stuck on is I need a script that completes a installation of Norton 360 v5 Trail. Please any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!