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  1. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I should have mentioned it. I used RT Seven Lite, the computer with log files is actually at my gf's place, I'll post them asap.
  2. Yes, every pc in my house has Win7 lited, in different versions and different levels of personalization. But I never removed Windows Search services...
  3. Search is ticked, but I get an error message while trying to disable it: Maybe I disabled some services that are required to change windows features, but I don't know which ones could be. The log doesn't contain any error message... I also tried to reset all IE setting as suggested in one of the two articles but it didn't work. I attach the log, maybe I missed something (I changed the extension) IE9_main.log.txt
  4. After installing Internet Explorer 9 under Win7 the search bars in start menu and file explorer disappeared... This problem happened on two different computers. I'm trying to figure out how to get the search bars back, I also googled a lot, but I can't get a clue. In another forum someone suggested to recover the orginal Win7 theme but it didn't solve. There is a solution to this problem, or do I have to rollback to IE8 (if possible)?
  5. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    Thank you very much, I try them now
  6. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    Which one should I use then? Thanks in advance
  7. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    Hi all, I'm trying to use Win Integrator on a Windows Seven 32bit SP1 italian msdn iso, but when I try to apply the changes and rebuild Win7 ultimate image, I get an error message. --- EXCEPTION #1/2 [Win32Exception] Message = “Failed to load registry key! Error = -2145452027” ExceptionPath = Root.InnerException NativeErrorCode = -2145452027 ClassName = System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception HResult = -2147467259 Source = stefanRTR.Base StackTraceString = “ at 1gMKm3XvBXqPvEdS4h.6yV8ZtOfAX4jYNwAEh.BvGI4A84b(RegistryHive , String , String ) at 1gMKm3XvBXqPvEdS4h.6yV8ZtOfAX4jYNwAEh.xlcB0Yiou(String ) at stefanRTR.WimImage.SevenImage.lK3SsWkIDRnkUUArrG.RdpFNZihGHJvUUMNVfH(Object , Object ) at stefanRTR.WimImage.SevenImage.lK3SsWkIDRnkUUArrG.1LJBjxNei() at stefanRTR.ErrorHandling.Catch(String comment, Action action) ” --- Outer --- --- EXCEPTION #2/2 [ArgumentException] Message = “PreparePackagesRemove Failed to load registry key! Error = -2145452027” ExceptionPath = Root ClassName = System.ArgumentException InnerException = “Exception #1 at Root.InnerException” HResult = -2147024809 Here is the .log file too. The image folder path is D:\ISO. The temp folder is D:\TEMPUSER (environmental variable changed in advanced options) Hope the problem is solvable WinIntegrator.2011-03-01T19-09-25.zip
  8. Hi all

    Hi guys, I'm a long time user of msfn unattended tools for Windows since nLite. Great tools, but now I'm having some problems I hope to solve soon