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  1. I am planning to move an upto-date xp64 installation (courtesy of Kurt Aust and 5eraph's awesome contributions on the process) onto an SSD and install it into my old rig as a boot drive. I run mostly Office, Photoshop and some games. Have done a lot of reading but have got myself confused by AHCI, Trim and Garbage collection when an SSD is running under xp64. System board is an Asus A8N-Sli Premium board (I know it belongs in a museum but it runs fine and I am waiting until Ivy Bridge is out before retiring it) How does my board not having AHCI support (ACPI only) and only being SATA 2 affect my choice of SSD? How does Trim and Garbage work under xp64? Is it software that comes with the drive or is a 64bit driver needed? Or does it not work at all? I would appreciate any recommendations for a suitable SSD between 64Gb and 160Gb in size. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi 5eraph - was unaware that nForce4 chipsets were problematic. Have to say the only time I had a problem was when I installed XP x64 with my X-Fi Extreme Music card already installed. Then I got clicks and random noises but when I installed the card after I had installed XP x64 there was no problem. I am looking to upgrade my system in the next few months. Any mobo recommendations?
  3. Have finally figured out what the problem is. The new (2 months old) Samung DVD drive I have is faulty or cannot be controlled by the BIOS on my Asus A8N-Sli Premium mobo! I plugged in an old LG drive and everything works just fine. I don't yet understand how the Samsung drive works under a VM but not when controlled by the BIOS but am waiting on a reply from Asus and from Samsung. Thank you again Kurt, 5eraph and johnhc for your suggestions and please accept my apologies if I wasted your time.
  4. Hi Kurt - yes I am using an original MS OEM cd and also using an IDE attached Samsung DVD/RW writer. Tried another build last night - this time not removing any components when integrating 5eraph's update pack. Same result. It works fine in a VM but not when installing to a real Hard Drive! Setup once again took ages to read from the DVD and then BSOD with message "File |AMD64\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 14" A different error code this time (was 7) but still no success. Checksums are all as should be and burn verified. It must be some thing to do with the DVD drive and its driver. If the same drive is used to read the nlited DVD in a VM and is successful then why does it not produce the same result when booting from the same DVD? Will keep experimenting and will let you know how I get on. If you or any other members have any ideas I would be glad to hear them. Thanks again for your help - Enjoy your evening
  5. Hi Kurt - tried the changes I proposed last post but without success. The Hotfix reports you mention simply give the location (on my system) of the files I am integrating with nlite. GrofLuigi is correct. They are produced by nlite althoughI wasn't aware they were shown in the Last Session.ini file. AFAIK they display messages about any "issues" during integration. I had Display Reports selected and they did display 19 error messages when I was integrating 5eraph's XPUpdate pack but these were all relating to .dll's that were newer in the ISO than those being integrated (ie: those in 5eraph's pack). This whole business has me puzzled and I am sure it is something incredibly simple. Do you know for sure that an OEM CD can be used to build an uptodate DVD as you have so clearly explained? Does creating the image on a DVD make any difference to building on a CD? Could it be that the DVD can be read in a VM (running on xp64) but the same DVD cannot be read when booting? perhaps no drivers? It is so odd. When I boot from the DVD (which includes AddOns and RunOnce folders) the drive is working (I can see the light on it!) but Setup takes forever to display anything on screen and then produces errors. Last attempt got as far as "pci.sys is corrupted......" Am going to try a few more builds and try to eliminate some possibilities. Thanks once again for your input. I WILL get this to work!! Best wishes for a good weekend.
  6. Hi Kurt and 5eraph - thank you both for your speedy replies. You guys are stars. Sorry so slow to get back to you- work has been getting in the way. I have run Memtest86+ and no problems there. Have reset BIOS to defaults (as suggested elsewhere) and retried but without success. 5eraph - have looked at my nlite setup and yes High Compression was disabled as was Cab Merging. I don't know if it makes any difference but OEM branding was enabled. Will try a rebuild with these options reversed and let you know how I get on. Sorry Last Session.ini wasn't attached. I thought I had managed to upload it but being new to posting to a forum I am probably doing something incredibly dim. Will try again. LAST SESSION.INI
  7. Kurt - Thank you very much for this guide. I wanted to express my appreciation of your work as I have used it to put together my own up to date XP x64 DVD. I knew absolutely nothing about how to create one before reading your guide and although I made a lot of mistakes along the way I now have a much better understanding of the process. Thanks also to 5eraph for his update packs. I have a problem though that I hope you can help me with. I have created an ISO using my original XP x64 Pro OEM disc, nlite to integrate 5eraph's x64 and IE8 update packs and Boogy's slipstreamer and have burned it to a DVD that works perfectly in VMware but throws up errors in Setup when trying to install to a real Hard Drive. In particular when Setup is starting I get (amongst other messages) "File \AMD\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 7. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.". Sometimes setup will get further but end with an error such as "The file ohci1394.sys is corrupted. Press any key to continue". Bizarrely Setup completes successfully if I use the original XP x64 cd or if I use a cd burnt that just includes SP2 integrated into XP x64 Pro. I have burnt 4 seperate DVD's thinking I might have faulty discs. Same thing - all work fine when in a VM but all have the same problems when trying to install to a real Hard Drive. Any idea what may be the problem? I have attached a copy of the last session.ini file if it helps. Kind regards
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