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  1. The problem is not limited to enterprise builds, I just encounted that error with Windows 7 Professional N SP1 (not integrated, shiped). I performed the same preset on Windows 7 Professional N(.Net Removal), and no errors. Microsoft says Vlite-ing Windows 7 SP1 no problems, lmao they must be taking the escape goat by meaning you can add things to the release - no problem lol, except they don't tell you that what they mean. But Vlite and Windows 7 SP1 are not compatible, Vlite + Windows 7 + SP1 (integrated) is compatible.
  2. XP SP3 difficulty connected to WPA2 Network

    Corrupted Windows Management Instrumentation. This wasn't obvious on its face since I had no other issues. That is the cause of the weird wireless behaviour.
  3. XP SP3 difficulty connected to WPA2 Network

    NIC: RTL8185 (realtek) Router: Linksys E1200 Notebook: XP Pro SP3
  4. Here's the situation: There is one router which spits out 2 wireless WPA2 connections: quadcore quadcore-guest quadcore's connection is password protected quadcore-guest's connection is not password protected. Instead there is a web gateway asking for a password prior to use I have Windows XP SP3 and I cannot connect to quadcore directly. I updated my wireless nic drivers, the driver version is now 2009 (the latest realtek driver). So I have to pull some kind of stunt for it to work. I have to connect to quadcore-guest, wait a few seconds, then disconnect and it then automatically connects to quadcore; note quadcore's password was input during failed attempts to connect to quadcore and is still cached. The only issue is whether or not the former works seems to be chance. I can't access the router which has a different password, and I am annoyed that I have to go through this bs to connect.
  5. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    A reminder to new readers that this concerns installing XP in VirtualBox under Vista Compatibility Mode which uses Sata controller unlike XP mode which uses IDE controller. 1. Those Drivers you link to, Intel Storage Matrix Manager (SMS),, lead to BSOD within VirtualBox. 2. Based on my analysis, your patch files are flawless; however only versions of SMS between and and possibly older will work with VirtualBox which uses ICH8M-E /M SATA AHCI Controller. I tested these (IaStor.sys), with your patch files from (SMS),; no bsod. Attempts to include IaStor.sys from SMS 8 or above failed. 3. That being said, either newer versions of SMS i.e., version 8 and above are not compatible with nlite or not compatible with VirtualBox; hopefully the latter. Which leads to the following question, have you tested your unofficial linked driver (SMS with ICH9 and or ICH10? Important*, the question assumes you used Nlite to integrate. You should make adjustments to guides since your drivers fails within VirtualBox. I have repackaged, your patched files with drivers for VirtualBox. The remaining devices which were not supported in can be found in my modded version of http://uploading.com/files/84d95b1m/32bit%2BIntel%2BMSM%2BAHCI%2B%2526%2BRAID%2Bdriver%2Bv7.8.0.1012%2Bmod%2Bby%2BEricore.7z/ http://uploading.com/files/78b41265/32bit%2BIntel%2BMSM%2BAHCI%2B%2526%2BRAID%2Bdriver%2Bv8.9.8.1005%2Breminder%2Bby%2BEricore.7z/
  6. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Solved. Not a VirtualBox bug. Intel Drivers are good. "iaAHCI.inf" and "TXTSETUP.OEM" must be patched. Fernando's patch, however, does not work for VirtualBox ICH8 Sata Controller. A patch that does is available here For comparison, and your own interest, you can look at Intel's original version here VirtualBox does not ship with alternate sata controllers, and my laptop does not ship with sata period. Further testing not possible. Vmware Player only has IDE and Scsi, no sata support.
  7. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    @Fernando 1 First of all, respect; thanks for undertaking this project. I have given your work, the greatest benefit of the doubt, but in each instance I get BSOD. One my goals is to get XP to install in Virtualbox under Vista compatibility; all my own efforts to creating a working solution, as well as your guide give the same result; XP detects hard drive, copies files. Upon restart as XP sets up Drivers I get BSOD. To give you the greatest benefit of the doubt, I have used a technet volume edition of Windows XP SP3 Pro, and only integrated your drivers, did Not remove any components, only removed ram/hdd requirements, and changed setup to classic look which correspondingly installs faster. I get the same result. Without those drivers, XP is fine. Now as I do get BSOD on first installation attempt, if I reset the virtual machine and setup restarts, it gets by without BSOD. But I cannot accept this for my own ISO. At this point, I'm thinking of removing all sata drivers all together or only the Intel ones as they are clearly all crap. I am quite annoyed that F6 drivers, get BSOD. But as I try to make XP more advanced, it would be a major step backwards not to include them. Note, I select only AHCI, never raid. The reason being is that I have noticed if raid is also selected it screws xp up such that the drivers won't load properly and no corresponding HD detection during setup. Unfortunately, XP doesn't do a dump so that I could troubleshoot this further; it merely "begins" to dump cough cough, ffin XP. I can send you a link to my copy of XP if need-be. . Virtualbox 4.1.4 All default settings under Vista Mode.
  8. Javascript and ActiveX not working

    I fixed both problems, Java script one had to do with a registry tweak alleging to prevent web sites from spying on internet explorer. It is pretty wide spread. I can't recall what solved the ActiveX issue, but I suspect with it was another tweak.
  9. So, the problems were: 1. "Turn Windows features on or off" is not listing any features. 2. Network Discovery cannot be turned on even though all required services are running. 3. Visual C++ 2005, 2008 crash with error 1935 4. .Net Framework 3.5 begins to install but rollsback. 5. Infinite loop problem My Analysis: "Turn Windows features on or off" is dependent on UAC working and WINSXS. Vlite typically breaks UAC for VISTA SP2. If either component is not fully working, your endeavors to get this feature to work will be futile. Of course, I have managed to get UAC working properly for VISTA SP2, but your on your own for that haha. If you understand WinSxS, then you know why it's removal breaks that feature. The keeping of WMP has nothing to do with it unlike what others have suggested. The Network must be properly configured for network discovery to work. Again, not something I entrust to Vlite. Visual C++ Runtimes are dependent on both (UAC and Component Store aka WinSxS) working. Same goes for .Net Framework 3.5, but you can't remove .Net with Vlite without preventing future installs of any .Net The infinite loop problem is only caused in VISTA SP2 if WinSxS is removed. The reason is, for updates to be configured they must be registered in the component store; hence infinite loop if that is removed. Deleting pending.xml is unadvised. I Say WinSxS, but I also imply all options under the "vlite.exe -extreme" flag. There are a few ways to reduce WinSxS in Vlite without removing WinSxS, but for the most part such endeavors should take place post install. Don't be shy to download my lastest update pack. ***Updated August 31 2011*** These updates are designed for latest Vista SP2 32bit latest Technet builds. These builds include more updates than a slip-streamed Vista SP2 or retail Vista SP2. If media is derived from one of these then this update pack is not sufficient. What's New Removed Super-seeded/unimportant updates. Added 1 security update, 1 fix for IE9 Excluded Security Updates .net 3.5, Internet Explorer,WMP, Windows Search, Windows Backup(KB2478935), Remote Desktop(KB2481109), Distributed File system (KB2535512). Reasons: Can't integrate net 3.5 with vlite, so can't include net 3.5 updates. You should remove internet explorer with vlite and keep it removed or install IE9. I particularly hate Vista's Search function. I don't keep any of the other mentioned components when vlite-ing. Windows Media Codecs security updates ARE included. Includes 49 security updates Also includes hotfix for increased compatibility with 4k Sector Hard drives. Includes Update for Increased App Compatibility. Includes prerequisites/fixes for IE9. Extract, then Integrate with latest "Vlite without waik". http://hotfile.com/dl/128532305/d709e67/Security_Updates_N_4K_Hard_Drive_HotFix.7z.html Lite But Safe.ini CBS.ini
  10. Javascript and ActiveX not working

    S C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files As you stated, it is reporting the letter S out of the three you mentioned.
  11. "Your current securit settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page. As a result, the page ma not display correctly." (Foxit Reader "Please activate JavaScript in Internet Explorer" (SysTracer 2.4) Note: Java 6 u 26 is installed. Attempted Solutions include manually resetting IE settings to defaults, and running "MicrosoftFixit.IEPerformance.Run.exe". Neither fixed anything. Note: Java, JavaScript and ActiveX work in Internet Explorer. I am running Windows XP SP3; latest updates. The only funny business I could detect with b2knet.com It indicated I had browser java version 1.3, both for Chrome and IE. Note, I did update msjava since some programs require it and the version included in XP is not the latest one. Perhaps it (said site) is pointing to that. Yet when I run games, of course, the java launcher takes precedence and loads Java 6 u 26. That's my theory anyways. www.b2knet.com/ Your browsers Java version is: 1.3 || Java enabled: Yes! Verified Java was properly installed via sun.com As for ActiveX, I know it's working because for example, I can run the ActiveX genuine checker; and of course it passes. I should note, additionally, that I have verified that scripting is enabled in every way in Internet Explorer.