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  1. Integration of AMD's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    2 Fernando: I think that AMD chipsets are a major issue and they need to be discussed as widely as Intel or nVidia ones. Intel and nVidia topics have a standard name here, so I thought that it'll be good for me to start such a topic with similar name which can become a great FAQ. Unfortunately, I'm not a big specialist in this question and I can provide others only with basics of nLite, which everybody here knows. Maybe some other person will take the interest and contribute the thread for other AMD users Thanks for you link, but as you see, it's about SB7xx series and I'm afraid I won't get help here. But I'll read this one. And something more: if you look attentively, you'll see that the second letter in my nickname is not capital "I", but a simple "L" - "l". AlSar.
  2. Hello there, MSFN! I was surprised that you don't have a thread about AMD chipsets, which are rather widely spread. I think this topic is important and should be sticked. ------------------ My question is the following: I have ASUS N61Da notebook with AMD RS880M/SB850 chipset. I need Windows XP to be installed on this notebook. Default XP Professional SP3 does not install with BSOD appearing after install files are copied to the hard disk. Of cource, the integration of SATA driver is needed. The problem is - I can't find the proper driver anywhere. All drivers I've seen are suitable only for SB7xx series or older, the newest I have found are for SB78x-SB79x chipsets. Can anybody help with this? Thanks a lot, AlSar.