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  1. First of all i would like to apologise because im really stupid. when i put te HD back on the pc i didnt notice that it was booting fromthe second HD i have. I changed the boot priority and now all are back in place. Secondly, i'd like to thank you for all your help and quickly response. oh and one last question. Do you think it will be better to update the firmwire on the HD or just by a new one? I'm asking because i read somewhere that on the 500GB HDs the new firmwire might destroy them...Is it true?
  2. guys im about to kill my self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i finally was able to connect the hard drive to hyperterminal i put all the commands BUT just before i put the command for the partionformat the RX AND TX cables must have moved. the result of the command was similar but in the end it wasn't saying the 10% ........ i made a full format of the drive.... please tell me there is a way to bring them back. please please please im so desperated can i use nero recovery tool or anything similar????????????
  3. BlouBul yes if i remeber correctly. but now i use an other computer the one i used then doesnt exhist any more. Hoever i tried connecting the converter to another pc i have and it had the same problem. couldnt find the drivers... jaclaz i use a RS232 to USB cable. the same one i used the first time. I have a cable from RS232 to RS232 too. how do i do a loopback tesr to the serial port?
  4. i havent actually buy it. i kinda made it. i use a ST232 so there is no installation CD Here's a photo
  5. it isnt in ports it is in "other devices" with a (!) so that means it hasnt the correct driver. were can i find the correct one?
  6. how can i find out if it is seen like a port and if not how can i make it seen like one? when it says the right driver it means for the converter?
  7. No it doesn't work. The thing is that I used the same converter the first time and it worked fine. i read sth about grounding. is it necessary for the loopback test? oh and i want to ask. 1) when i open the hyperterminal it always says only COM1 2) and when i plug the rs232 (i use from rs232 to usb cable) it searches for drivers and it doesn't find anything. does any of these have anything to do with my problem?
  8. Hey guys, My name is Thanasis and i'm from greece. i have a HD Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS with Firmwire: SD15 About a year ago one day my HD wasn't recognised on BIOS. I did some search and found about the firmwire problem. That was when i found this topic.I read about the solution i followed the instractions and i fix it. But yesterday i opened the pc and had the some problem (i thought that the HD was OK when i did what i did, but im wrong abviously, i guess) So i thought i will do the some thing again. But now i can't see anything on the HyperTerminal. i have tried everytthing i think. tried with olny the PCB, tried the trick with the paper, thought maybe i have place wrong the TX / RX cables so i reversed them but still nothing. my 3V battery was 2.6V so i put another one so that i had 5V. still nothing appeared. I'd appriciated if someone could help me. Thank you P.S i'd like to apologise if i have made any mistakes in my english....