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  1. File: KB3AIK_EN.iso MD5:- c83c64b0078c007795b10f6035d49272 File: Neutral.cab MD5:- aca5f0765663fef25a00622dec1b73e0
  2. KB3AIK_EN.iso installation error :- "The cabinet file 'Neutral.cab' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package." I downloaded the "KB3AIK_EN.iso " five times, same error acquires......... Sys config :- win 7 sp1 ultimate 4 Gb ram Core2duo 2.93 Ghz i tried every thin ... format the system ( first installation is AIK and the same error ) burn the iso to dvd ( slow speed 2x alcohol, burncdcc, nero ) extract the iso to desktop folder with 7zip, mount with alcohol, virtual CD, magic disk try to install to another pc try to download from another pc another download manger IDM, DAP, FDM. In all these download scenario I noticed that in the middle of the download Microsoft cannot find server error acquires click OK and download resumed Please kindly someone give me the working iso download link form third party web site or someone give me the "neutral.cab" cab file download link
  3. XXXP

    more slim fast xp3

    excuse my bad English I made a slim xp3 ISO with n lite it is around 195 MB with network components this is for my net desktop I attached the last session ini Last Session.ini I have another desktop only for video editing and i wanna create XP without network components removing the network components is there any speed improvement ? or it is getting unstable to use ? again excuse my bad English if any one reveal my question plzz reply
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