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  1. Hi all, I have a Corp version and I have tested the option A and it works great. Just one question : Is it possible (with option A) to have the choice of the programs to install, ie to keep the screen asking whether you want Access, Infopath, Word, etc... so you can skip the S/N screen, the EULA, but only these two ones? The install won't then be fully unattended, but similar to the Win XP "DefautHide" Thanks for your help
  2. It actually worked on a fresh install of WinXP, can't explain why... Anyway, thanks a lot for the tip and for your help Régis
  3. Thanks a lot for testing. I don't know where the problem is from but it will be a big help to try sorting this out. I think I'll resinstall WXP and try again.
  4. Well... I tried some other things, nothing worked! I first did exactly as you mentionned, redownload a proper version on the link below : http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/0...p-x86-FR-FR.exe Then, I reinstalled it on my WinXP (without any issue), and did the procedure you explained once again, and finally ran the MPEDP. I tried with and without importing the computer settings and I also tried with an english version of WMP11. Each time I have the following windows : http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/892/helpwmp11uh6.jpg Could you please do me a favor and try creating a msi file with t
  5. Great work, thanks a lot. If every feature could be explained with that level of detail, I am sure there would be 10 times less questions. This post is now bookmarked!
  6. Sorry, my question was not detailed enough. That is what I did. On my WinXP, I have installed WMP 11, then set all I was asked (confidentiality, file association, etc...). Then I closed my WMP and proceed the way you mentionned by selecting yes to all I was asked in the mpedp.exe cmd box. The msi file is created without errors and when I launch it, whatever the suffix is, it expands in a temporary folder and right after this launches the /help window. When I click OK, the install process is stopped and the temporary folder is deleted. The problem is that I don't see the meaning of this /help b
  7. Hi all, Thank you very much for this way to integrate WMP11 into unattended WinXP installation. Just a question, which can be stupid, but which is blocking for me. I did as explained in the tutorial, got my .msi file, but everytime I launch it, either from "run" or from my unattended CD, the dialog box with the unattended suffix list (as if I had typed mpsetupedp.msi /help) appears. This happens if I type no suffix or /qn or whatever else. If anyone had an idea of a potential solution, I would really appreciate Thanks in advance
  8. No, I do not use RVM packs, because I want to understand all that I do and to be able to change anything in what I do. Nevertheless, I will look closely what is written in RVM forum, but if somebody has an answer to my question, that would be great...
  9. Hello everybody, After having made an unattended WinXP SP2 + addons CD thanks to this site, I now want to integrate the WGA verification into the installation. From what I read, I just have to copy the LegitCheckControl.dll file to the $$\system2 directory, which I did, and to add the line [GuiRunOnce] regsvr32.exe /S "%SystemRoot%\system32\LegitCheckControl.dll" into my winnt.sif Can somebody confirm that this last line is written correctly, I am not sure where to put the "double commas", and I would like to avoid, if possible the runonce.cmd, because I do not know how it works. Thanks f
  10. Hi, I've read a lot about oobeinfo.ini so as to setup my unattended Windows. I have just one question left : Once I have modified my oobeinfo.ini, do I have to use Makecab to create oobeinfo.in_ and replace it in the I386 directory, or do I have to copy it directly to XPCD\$OEM$\$$\System32\ as I saw in some threads? Or both? Thanks for your answer...
  11. Thanks a lot, I'm gonna read all this, I make a try and I tell you how it works
  12. So I can let it set to yes and choose the names of the users during the install, right? I didn't know, I think it's the same for FullName="" and OrgName="", I will delete them I don't have the file ref.chm on the computer from where I'm writing (at work ) but can you correct the way I'm going to solve this problem : OEMskipwelcome=1 Unattendswitch deleted (=no) Then OOBE appears I read in ref.chm how to modify oobeinfo.ini so that I don't see the register, activation, internet windows (nothing to add in the winnt.sif, right?) Thanx
  13. @ Anderz : I have no problem with the full name and org name, I can set them during the install, but you are right, I think I can just delete these lines @ Nilfred : I've read some things about oobe without knowing exactly what it meant I'm gonna look what exactly are oobe and oemskipwelcome But if I listen to you, then, what is the difference between OEMSkipWelcome=0 and unattendswitch=no??? Anyway thank you both for your answers
  14. Hi all, Thanks to this site, I've managed to do a (almost) perfect Unattend Windows CD I choosed a defaulthide installation type so that I can choose the name of the owner, of the computer and of the users But the installer skips the users window even when I ask UnattendSwitch=No Could it be because of one of these lines? AutomaticUpdates=Yes AutoActivate=No DisableDynamicUpdates=Yes Here's my winnt.sif : Thank you for your help
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