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  1. Hello Jaclaz, now i tried this from your link "http://vermeulen.ca/computer-harddrives.html" After ... F3 T>/8 F3 8>Z Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.161 msecs F3 8> F3 8>U Spin Up Complete Elapsed Time 9.250 secs F3 8>/1 F3 1>N1 I got allways the same words: LED:000000CC FAddr:00243FCF In my case : Is there any hope to solve the problem, or get it into the garbage ? I google for the words : DIAG Error 0000500E Process Effect List Error R/W Sense 00000002 R/W Error 841C0087, List Offset 00000000, File Error 00000001 And i found on "http://forum.hddguru.com/seagate-issue-repair-and-breaks-again-t13900.html" the v4.....
  2. MInd you the following is my PERSONAL opinion. There are reports of the i365 guys to be either extremely correct and honest or completely nuts and false (up and beyond the border of "robbery") I suspect that this may depend on several factors including: the actual "channel" through which your drive was sent to them the actual "operator" that actually puts his/her hands on your drive Point is whether your drive was originally affected by either LBA0 or BSY problem, what we commonly define as "bricked" as in: For what we know: it is NOT possible to upgrade the firmware UNLESS the drive is "unbricked" first. once the drive is unbricked (and WITHOUT ANY firmware upgrade) it won't re-brick itself spontaneously for at least three months of daily use (six to twelve month being proven to be the most likely cases) logically NO data recovery service would (though it is possible) re-brick the drive after the firmware upgrade actually upgrading the firmware has NO (immediate) consequence to the actual "brick status" of the drive If I were you (and mind you - AGAIN - this is just my PERSONAL take on the matter), if you are sure enough of the symptoms your drive had when it failed, i.e. you are confident enough that it was in a LBA0 or BSY state, I would call the bluff and get the drive back. Mind you also that there is a line that is quite "elastic" between "recovering a drive" and "recovering the filesystem", and even another elastic line between "recovering the filesystem" and "recovery of MOST contents of it". PLEASE go to "Search" and search for "i365" make sure you select "Show results As posts" and take some time reading the results (you'll get two pages of results): http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?app=core&module=search&search_in=forums Come back when you have read ALL those posts and have a better idea of the past experiences of the other members, as said quite contrasting. jaclaz Hello jaclaz or other people, i tried myself to fix the LBA0 Problem. The Cable connections are OK, the Loopbacktest also, but when i try to start F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 Then i get after a few seconds the answer : DIAG Error 0000500E Process Effect List Error R/W Sense 00000002 R/W Error 841C0087, List Offset 00000000, File Error 00000001 And after I tried F3 T>v4 I got everey few seconds LED:000000CC FAddr:00243FCF Is there any possibility to solve this problem ??
  3. Hello, before i start to read this forum i send my seagate bzw. maxtor ST3500320AS with the SD15 to Seagate i386, and i get this answer: "We are sorry to inform you that the firmware upgrade has not been sufficient to restore your drive functionality. Your drive is also affected by some reading errors. This issue needs a complete data recovery process which is not included in the warranty. You will find attached a quote for your data recovery. We have finished examining all physical and logical components of your storage media. Based on your situation we have determined that your media has sustained a logical damage to the storage media. The main cause of damage is bad blocks which are present on the media, as well as media surface damage which prevents the read write heads from locating the data stored on the platters. For the recovery process we need to analyze and repair these bad blocks, read out all data on a sector level, and reconstruct the complete file system. Afterwards we will mount the data onto an offline server in order to check the integrity of your data(partitions, directories and the different file types)." Is there any possibility to get my data back? with the instructions from gradius, aviko or all the other?
  4. Hello guys I am an Newbie, and i come from the good old Germany. My seagate ST3500320AS with the SD15 goes to 0LBA state two months ago. I began t read athe first sites, but ts is for me difficult to understand. Is there anybody who can translate from the beginning the steps from Gradius2 or aviko. Thanks a lot. Sorry for my very bad English :-(