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  1. And thank you for this hint. You just solved the problem I had with one of my ISO installation.
  2. Hmmmm, so I can't use this method to repair Windows installation... Is there a way to enable this? Changing txtsetup.oem maybe?
  3. Installing from iso always skip the part with licence agreament (where we need to pres F8 to accept) and doesn't recognize previously installed Windows XP. What about you guys?
  4. Thanks, that worked just fine and I passed the point of blue screen now on newer machines. I didn't tried to finish the installation on that PC thou. I'll try on older PC today at work... (I reedited my post if you saw it few minutes ago because I have to try it again... I made mistake in menu.lst)
  5. That is probably right because on older PC with IDE disk that I tested 30 minutes ago everithing was OK. I have mass storage driver integrated in my iso file from the start. I downloaded "DriverPack Mass Storage 11.01 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)" and integrated them with my source, but with nLite. Does it realy have to be made with DPsBase.exe? If it have to be it do I use method 1 or method 2 of slipstreaming? Another thing I noticed when I try to install on a newer machine is that I didn't see winvblock drivers loading at starting point of Windows installation. I remember that few times on older USB setup I noticed that winvblock drivers are indeed loading. Could it be that my bootable USB wasn't made the right way? I'll try to test some more after I get answers to upper questions.
  6. OK, here's what I've managed to do so far. With RMPREPUSB I wasnt able to produce USB that can boot on all my PCs. On newer machines I was getting blinking cursor. At the end I formated the USB through Windows format to NTFS and tha installed grub4dos through RMPREPUSB and clicked NO when installation asked do I want to install it to MBR so it installed to PBR instead. Other USB I made with Make_USB and left "Standard" MBR BootCode install option on. Both USB sticks now boot on all PCs I've tested so far (except that workstation W6000) and the Windows installation pass the point where I got blue screen before, but when I press ENTER to select where I want to install Windows I'm only getting partition C: and that is my USB stick. menu.lst is the one wimb suggested. Do I have to change mapping in menu.lst? I'm guessing that device (USB) was probably not made as it should be but maybe some other type of mapping could solve this. I'll leave that to experts... @ cdob I'm on Windows XP SP3 Professional. What info about the hardware do you need? Type of motherboard, BIOS, RAM...?
  7. @ wimp & @ jaclaz Thanks guys, I'll try those solutions, hope at least one of them will give the result I need. I've been playing with bootable USB for last few weeks but so far none of the methods I tried were good enough for me. Good thing is that every time I'm step closer to my goal
  8. @ ilko_t Thanks for the image. I'll test it today or tomorrow. @ wimp Thanks for your testing and advice. I'll test your method too and post about results. EDIT: OK, here is test result. I installed GRUB4DOS on new stick manually and used ilko_t's winvblock image and settings wimp proposed and I passed over the "starting Windows" massage in the botoom. SO no blue screen now But the problem is that this USB won't boot on few test PC's here where I work (HP 8000 CMT and older workstation HP COMPAQ W6000) My old USB stick from which I first tested this method of installing Windows from USB did boot in HP 8000 CMT (didn't try it in W6000) That old bootable USB was made with "MultiBootISOs-" and that app puts syslinux on USB (I think) so maybe that kind of bootable USB is producing blue screen error. Maybe someone will know why is that so. Now, my question is how can I make bootable USB stick that can run this method of installing Windows and that can boot on many different PC configurations preferably on those that don't have BIOS option to boot from USB (like that workstaion W6000). Maybe if some of you who have bootable USB stick that works on almost every PC and work with this method of installing Windows can point me in right direction of making that kind of stick. Thanks in advance
  9. Yes the problem is not in mapping. I tried in the way you sugested and I got same error. I tried Windows XP SP3 iso (made from my original XP SP2 CD with nLite) and "no go" there to. I'd be thankfull if someone could post their working winvblock.ima so that I can verify is the problem in my floppy image. Thanks
  10. I don't mind receiving YES/NO answers as long as there are few YES This one doesn't help thou. The hardware is OK because there are already Windows XP SP2 on same PC, installed from the same CD I made iso. I'll try to put WinXP SP3 iso file on USB and test same config with it. My guess is that there is problem with mapping or maybe with my winvblock.ima
  11. Hello guys, my first post here so be gentle I tried this metod on HP d51c desktop PC and stuck with a problem. I made winvblock.ima with 3 files and save it to the root of USB (16 GB Kingston). I made XP_RAM.ISO from my Windows XP with SP2 installation CD. Both image files were made with Magiciso. XP_RAM.ISO is also in root of USB. Then I made submenu winset.lst like this: I'm geting to this submenu through menu.lst: The setup start and I get massage to click a key to start setup from CD. The files start to copy and than at one point (I think when it sais "Starting Windows" at the bottom) I get blue screen with this: Can someone please help me?
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