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  1. How to add MS Office 2003 in XP with nlite?

    Thanks for very good instructions. I'll follow your descriptions. I've seen All in One XP CD with MS Office 2007,all drivers, many usefull soft (add-on) in 700 MB with full feature. Have you got any idea about it? To draw your kind attention I've added two links here like that 1st link, 2nd link. Best regards.
  2. I'm working with nlite to make a XP CD. I can make add-on with add-on Maker and it works. Now I want to make MS Office 2003 add-on. I explored msfn to help. But I could find no easy solution. Is there any easy way to integrate MS Office 2003 in XP CD? How can I reduce it's size to fix my XP CD size in 700 MB?
  3. Yes. Win2flash works fine. It is safe and easy to use. I've used it without any problem.
  4. SATA Driver integration problem

    Very useful instructions. You are really great.Thanks.
  5. CUT, COPY, PASTE problem

    Recently I faced two problems. 1. My COPY, CUT, PASTE options are disabled. This problem is in my PC. 2. Only PASTE option disabled in desktop. I can use PASTE option in all place without desktop and No problem in CUT, COPY. This problem is in my Office pc. I know it may me for Virus. Is there any way to disable or enable the problem by editing regedit without 3rd party tool?
  6. Setup Slideshow

    Really very nice.
  7. SATA Driver integration problem

    Thanks, Thanks and Thanks awfully Fernando 1. Very fine, helpful and friendly answer really you've given. I've decided to add 'Mass Storage Driverpack'. I think it'll be better for me. Best regards.
  8. SATA Driver integration problem

    Thanks all for kind responses. Your explanation and given links are very useful. I’ve known much more. I’m very sorry for my weak knowledge. I’m not clear about “BSOD”. What is the difference among AHCI, SATA and RAID? I didn’t find any sata driver pack in http://driverpacks.net/downloads . Can you give me DELL, ACER, HP sata driver link or sata driver packs link? Very good advices.
  9. SATA Driver integration problem

    We have 3 Laptops. One of me, another are of my brothers. 3 Laptops are difference in brands (Acer, Dell, HP). We would like to use XP Professional. But problem is my XP Setup doesn’t continue for SATA problem. Searching google I found Msfn help. I already downloaded some SATA drivers from msfn link.I can also add it in my XP CD with Nlite (Reading msfn forum). My question is how much drivers or which brand drivers I’ll add to work setup process properly in my Laptop(different brands). I want to use this XP CD for all Laptops. I’ve read the posts on sata drivers integration here. But I’m not clear still about my question. I’m new here. So I’m sorry for any wrong.