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  1. No sound on ATI AIW

    Do you have the adapter from the AIW to the input on your sound card? Also you have to enable the line input. I have one and it works great intense
  2. Copy old HD over to new one?

    Yes use ghost once you figure out all the options you are set! intense
  3. "it is now safe to turn off your computer"

    It's under power management you have to enable APM. intense
  4. Calling all Hackers?????

    Go to speedguide.net they have all sorts of broadband tweaks and a forum for getting help with optimizing your connection. intense
  5. I'm running it with an ATI AIW PRO 128 with no problems. intense
  6. No Joy...

    Isn't it easier to play with the keyboard and mouse in Unreal? I haven't tried with my joystick. intense
  7. Basic Install Questions

    Just install the Devils Own on the empty HD and you will be set. intense
  8. Any ggod books on Office XP

    Thanks I will check it out. intense
  9. Upgrade help...

    what chipset is on the motherboard that will tell you either 266 or 200. intense
  10. Purchasing XP

    I will buy it when it comes out. This is Microsofts best so far. intense
  11. Purchasing XP

    How many of you are going to purchase XP in October when it comes out? Do you think microsoft will have a specially priced upgrade version like they did with ME? intense
  12. ftp forum

    Cable rocks I had dsl and changed to cable night and day difference! intense
  13. Or any good online manuels? intense
  14. Can someone tell me what .NET is

    Thanks for the link intense