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  1. I have unplugged USB hard drives and I did not have problem whole day yesterday. I will give it a shot next week as well to see if problem is really gone (I am not 100% sure that I got rid of it). It started happening a month ago (and I have purchased laptop over a year ago). It happens right on logon screen, before I type in password. I tried to google it, but I just could not find anything about this laptop switching graphics. G73 Model with Nvidia card does have Optimus technology for switching graphics, but I cannot find anywhere that my Radeon model can do that as well. Is there any way
  2. Laptop has Radeon Mobility HD5870 graphics. Laptop does have Intel i7 CPU, but I am pretty sure that it uses its dedicated graphics. I just checked Resource Monitor when problem persists and when I rebooted and its problem free. I am not able to see any difference between two charts. I uploaded them so hopefully you will be able to get something from it that helps me solve the problem. Also, I discovered one more thing while I was just trying to reproduce the problem. I powered off PC completely and than booted in again right away problem was not there. Than I powered off PC completely, came
  3. Hello folks, I have recently encoutered a strange problem with my operating system. Whenever my laptop boots from zero, logging on, opening any window and basicly taking any other action is slowed down severely. Like opening and closing windows gains fade in/fade out effect (problem is hard to describe in words so I attached link to short youtube video) I tried turning on windows aero and switching to windows basic theme but the problem persists. Simple reboot solves the problem (and any time when I reboot for windows updates or software installation problem is non-existent), but next time whe
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