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  1. Well, I have an update for you.... I got ALL my data back, including some data I had previously deleted from the NAS!!!! My guy told me that BOTH drive spindles had seized. He said he only knows of 2 reasons why that may happen... 1. Impact while the drives are spinning 2. Overheating. I can 100% guarantee they never suffered any impact. SO, whilst my issue IS NOT with the BSY fault on an 7200.11 drive, I would advise anyone to seriously consider some extra cooling if you have one of these NAS units... The cooling fan is woefully undersized, and the air vents at the front are just slots about 15mm x 1mm, and only 3 of them. If you have one of those, you CAN run it with the side panels off. I would certainly add another fan too, to push air between the drives. So, all in all, by not having a proper backup, my little experience has cost me... £130 NAS (first one) £000 (2 x 500gb drives) they were freebies £404 data recovery £120 Netgear ReadyNAS £100 2 x 1Tb Samsung Spinpoint Drives I am still working on a backup regime, but expect to need another drive to sit in the PC, to backup the NAS to, £50 1Tb Samsung Spinpoint And possibly another one, to have as a montly offsite backup £50 1tb Samsung... Grand Total £854 Oh, plus £20 for 2 cables I didnt need Moral of the story.... BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! Finally, a massive THANK YOU, to Bloubul and Jaclaz for trying to help me. Cheers Steve
  2. I think you should stop worrying and just do it See FGA #2 @stevepud There are no reports of 7200.11's bricking with updated firmware. The 7200.10 bricking should be the same (and the reports of them bricking with any firmware are also few and far between). In other words if you update the firmware AND have a backup (which you should have anyway for ANY drive), you should be safe I'm trying to take that on board - really I am. I could always use them as secondary backups. I've already got a couple of Samsung Spinpoints and just waiting for the Netgear Readynas to be delivered. I could put the 7200.10's inside a spare PC I have and backup to them. If I can find some space to put the PC Cheers Steve
  3. Yes, I understand, and logic tells me it SHOULD be ok, but once that seed of doubt is planted, you know what I mean. Its simply not worth the risk. I'll let you all know if the data recovery tell me anything useful -might help someone someday
  4. Sorry if my tone sounded condescending, that was not intended. I just tried to explain to you why your attempts do not work and answer your question in easy to understand language. The problem with that drive is (as you have read in that other thread), we do not have a solution for that drive. The only way is to send it for data recovering (which won't be cheap). Ok, I apprecaite you wern't intentionally being condescending. Of course, my temper is a little frayed, but thats a condition that most of use in at this time - due to KNOWING that we've been idiots for not backing up the data properly, and the worry that precious data (photos) may be lost. I am now looking for local recovery services. prices being thrown around are between £200 and £1500. I never expected it to be cheap. Such is life I guess, and of course the expenses will only increase after... I will never trust a seagate drive again. And I've got 5 of the **** things! Anyway, I did appreciate everyones attempts to help me, even if I didnt appear to in my post above.
  5. yes, I guess you're right. Time to send one of them off to a pro to see what they can do. The data is still on the platters, so I'm certain someone out there can retrieve it. I think in my frustration, and excitement at finding this site, I... wellI dunno exactly what I did... 'forgot' 'overlooked' whatever, that I had 10's and not 11's Easy enough mistake to make I suppose given the panic (despite FGA14 telling me not to) Easy to panic when you've the prospect fof losing a load of data that you stupidly thought was safe cos you had the drives mirrored! Makng matters worse, i just noticed that the HD in this pc, is also a 7200.10, as are the 2 others I had setup in another PC (initially as backups) I've totally lost confidence in them all, So I'll be backing it all up (when new NAS arrives) and ditching ALL seagate and WD drives. good bye, and thanks for trying to help, even if your tone is a lot condecending.
  6. Right, I'm REALLY frustrated now I read the sticky I read all the FGA's I plugged my drive into the PC, went to the BIOS, Nothing - it's not seen in the BIOS Shutdown, removed drive I got my new cable My New Cable Plugged it in, installed the drivers checked the port (COM5) started Hyperterminal Started a new session, Set it to 34800, 8, none, 1 none Did a loop back Got text in the hyperteminal screen disconnected the PCB, isolated the drive teminals with some card insulated the 3 terminals on my cable connected the ground on my cable, to the ground on the power plug used for the drive plugged in the 3, White to 1 blue to 2 black to 3 pressed CTRL Z NOTHING, Reversed the white and blue pressed CTRL Z NOTHING Went back to the port settings for my USB cable in Device Manager, Checked the settings, CHanged them to 38400, 8 none, 1, none Disconnected and reconnected the Hyperterminal session Pressed CTRL Z NOTHING. Now, I'm right in thinking that the cable itself is powered from USB so needs no further power, I'm right in thinking that as I've joined a wire from the Ground on the SATA power to the Ground on cable and pin3 that I am considered GROUNDED. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I'm also thinking that my drives are completely bricked, in a terminal, fatal FUBAR'd kinda way??? I am feeling a bit of a tit, as theres one thing that is different is my drive is a Seagate Barraccuda 7100.10 Yes, a ten, not an eleven Is this my problem Or have i broken it myself doing something wrong, or am I just barking up the wrong tree cos I have a different drive I've tried searching this forum for 7200.10 but it wont search on that criteria. Any ideas would be gratefully received Ahh wait, I did find a 7200.10 thread. It still doesnt help with me not even getting any kind of prompt after CTRL Z And seeing as theres no update, and even BlouBul said he knows no fix, I'm feeling rather despondant right now.
  7. Well, I got myself a different cable, http://cgi.ebay.com/Seagate-Drive-BSY-Bug-LBA0-Repair-Fix-Cable-Tool-USB-/170582785802?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item6d6f27651c Tonight I'm going to go home, read the FGA a few times!! and try again. Just awaiting confirmation from the seller of the connections. His cable is labled... 1-White 2-Blue 3-black he has a photo of them connected to the drive though, as 1-Blue 2-White 3-Black And the SATA and Power are connected. So I'll get a reply, get ready, and get fixing :)3
  8. This may be a really stupid question, but is there any reason why I cannot simply replace the motherboard on one of these drives? Or have the logs been written on to the disks?
  9. Nice one Repairboy.... So, anyone in the UK, near to london that has successfully completed this repair?
  10. Cheers mate, I've given up for today and emailed Adrian to see if he understands whats going wrong. Steve
  11. I've tried 2 ports on the front of the PC and 2 on the rear. Each time, I can get 5v from the yellow, for a moment, then it drops to 2.57v, and thats all I started up the laptop, and now I'm getting a consisten 4.98v from Red and Yellow, and 4.94 from Blue. HOWEVER, I connected the resistor in series on the red, and measured on the other side of the resistor, and still 4.98v COnnected the resistor to red and across to the Ground from the USB, 4.98 before the resistor, and 0.00v the other side of the resistor I'm not getting anything from the laptop either, other than more consistent 4.98v. I've had enough. I'm just getting more and more annoyed. Jaclaz, thanks for your help, but it's now time to find someone local ish to me that I can get to look at it, before I really do throw the **** thing at the wall. If anyone local to London has done this, and wants to help out, please let me know. I'm happy to pay - I just want to get it done ASAP please. Cheers Steve
  12. Voltmeter... I think it's the cable, I just connected the voltmeter to the cables ground, and measured the voltage of all Blue, Red and Yellow. ALL were under 3v The swapped the USB port on the PC, all just about 4.97v Left the USB in the same port, but remeasured Blue, Red and Yellow again, and dropped to below 3 again. So, NOTHING changed, and the voltage output dropped from 5 to below 3v. I'm just about to connect it all up again, and see what happens to the voltage whilst i type like crazy in Hyperterminal... Back in a few minutes
  13. Did you test the power cable with another hdd to make sure it is working (or used another cable)? Yes, If I use a known working drive, it spins up properly, I just screwed the PCB back on and connected that same SATA power, and it does infact spin a LITTLE. not fast enough to really feel it, but I can JUST feel it and certainly hear it. It certainly seems like the voltage is rather too low than too high So it is better to try without the resistor (might still be too low). Sorry, I meant these were the readings without the resistor. I'm guessing then, from your comment that my cable might be fautly. I'll get in touch with the guy I bought it from and point him to this thread again and see what he makes of it.. Still think it'd be quicker, easier and safer if I posted my disks to someone who could do this
  14. OK, just been to Maplin and bought myself a 2.2k ohm resistor ( mine has 2.2k ohm resistor has 5 colour bars, red, red, black, brown, brown) indication a 2.2k ohm resistor running at 1% tolerance. However, upon testing with a voltmeter, my USB/TTL has the following voltages...BEFORE connecting the resistor Blue: 2.71v Red: 2.57v Yellow: 2.57v This is with no load... When connected to the 3 terminals... Red (TX on drive): 0.69V Blue (RX on Drive):1.16v Yellow (not connected) as per AVITResearch website) When connected to the 3 terminals... Red (TX on drive): 0.69V Blue (RX on Drive):1.16V Yellow Pin4: 0.87v NO SATA connections are made at this time. I have connected the USB/TTL groupd to the ground on the PSU too. And guess what... NADA, nothing, zilch,
  15. hehe, Ok, So I'll go buy a 2.2k ohm resistor now, I'll connect it to the red wire and ground (for the sake of safety, you fancy just doing a simple line diagram to show that please?) I'll also connect the SATA ground to the USB ground (my question was raised simply because as all power is coming from the same tc, then by that very thig, it all HAS to be from the same ground...) then I'll try again If that dont work, I think it'll end with an error 500.... (hard drive going through the window at 500mph!!) Cheers mate