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  1. I tried to look at the wires to where they were connected but both ends were so encased with plastic its impossible to see. It was an official cable i was using the right driver and windows xp. Ive tried all combinations of wires ive come to the conclusion its broke. Will leave to someone with the right tools.
  2. Even though the cable is the same model as in the picture, the wires were different colours, also the two ends were moulded so i could not see the connections to identify them. The loopback test could not show anything either. The amount of time ive spent fiddleing with it its probably shorted and broken for good now anyway
  3. I doubt its hard to do but, I dont want to waste anymore time and money trying to fix it, would have had to buy a new nokia cable and even then its not guaranteed to work. Might just take a risk and send it to them.
  4. So, ive now given up trying to recover the disk myself. However I got in touch with seagate and because my drive is a retail version they will recover it. They say they will repair the firmware. I have read in the FAQ's that the seagate engineers just format the disk. So I was thinking if it is wise that I get someone else to repair it, or do you guys think its safe to send it back to seagate?
  5. ok I have found some sotware for loopback test. But none of the wires ive tried receive anything, could the cable be broken?
  6. I dont understand how to use hyperterminal. All I want to know is how to find out tx and rx. how do I do a loopback test to find out the right wires?
  7. I have a maxtor diamondmax 22, STM3500320AS, 500gb, f/w mx15, retail version 6 months old. I think I have the bsy bug. Nothing is detected in bios, drive spins. Doesn't work on a different system. Iv'e tried to fix myself using an original nokia dku-5 cable. I cant identify what wires are which because the end is molded also there are no other guides with the same cable as mine. Coloured cables I have are - blue,white, black,red,yellow. Black is obviosly GND but i dont know TX RX. Nothing shows up on the hyperterminal, sometimes I get weird symbols when I play around with the wires. Can someone help me out. Sorry for another thread like this but im realy stuck
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