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  1. Hi, I am playing with windows 7 installation with Dism tool. I want to remove unnecessary package and features from installation. But I don't know which ones are unnecessary, is anyone have a list of unnecessary packages&features? If a tool (like Win Integrator )can read a configuration file (like xml) it make my job easier. I want to increase the performance of the windows7, with removing these type of applications and services. In my opinion these are unnecessary for lots of people : -Dvd Maker -Windows Media Center -Tablet Pc.... -Windows Sticky Notes -Windows Backup -Drivers (Not all of them) -Local Packs -Network Homegroup -Telnet -Windows AnyTime Upgrade ............... Note : I am sorry if here is wrong place for this question. I cant find any suitable forum.
  2. I have the same problem, adding package breaked after installing KB976902 Processing 48 of 84 - Adding package D:\Win7Updates\Windows6.1-KB976902-x64.msu [==========================100.0%==========================] Processing 49 of 84 - Processing 50 of 84 - Processing 51 of 84 - then full fail after deleting Windows6.1-KB976902-x86.msu from my update folder. Dism successfully finish its job.
  3. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    Hi, I used this tool to create an updated windows 7 install dvd. It did it without an error. But there is a problem which i dont know why. My source install dvd which is original windows 7 ultimate x64 en contains ei.cfg in sources folder. This is Ok. Output .iso from Win Integrator doesn't have this file in sources folder. Tool is deleting this file I think. (Also If tool didn't delete i will delete it) After all when i am testing the new install dvd on virtual machine, installation doesn't ask me to install which version to install. Why it doesn't show me the version list in installition. I only updated the HomePremium image in dvd. After installition complete i see that windows home premium installed to my virtual machine. Is there any change to modify(I want to slipstream all windows updates to all version) all versions in dvd. Because Tool can only select one version to modify. Also I use this tool in Windows7x64 without installing AIK and OPK. Why you wrote AIK or OPK is required.(is OPK come with windows 7 default)