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  1. Unattended, Change Welcome Screen

    Hi guys, well what am i doing is to edit the logon exe file in PE Explorer which is the easiest way (for me). and then compress it again and put in my UAXP i386 folder.
  2. PLS help me!

    Hello,, for sure you have anitivrus software in your PC but did you check if your anvirus specially with functionality of Firewall just a thought maybe it is trying to stop your app when you run it and causing your system lagging. I think about this when i played C&C Generals Zero Hour for the first time that i must allow Game.dat to run on my system firewall.
  3. Nero Showtime vs. WinDVD 6 Platinum

    To: DigeratiPrime WinDVD6 really the design looks old and you cannot change any skin because it is not included in the features. It has also no features for audio channel selection (Karaoke function) not same as PowerDVD6. The only i like Windvd is the Picture quality as i said before. I only say it coz' i tried to compare it few times against WMP10 and PowerDVD 5 & 6.
  4. Nero Showtime vs. WinDVD 6 Platinum

    Hi! there to all of you guys! this is my opinion regarding this subject; Nero Showtime is best if you are playing MP4 from DVD's that you have recode on Nero because chapter selection is present on it. PowerDVD 5 cannot play MP4 files (Created with Nero) Intervideo WinDVD6 Platinum is an excellent software because of its TrimensionDNM which makes the picture quality crispier than any software available. I've also compared it with new Cyberlink PowerDVD6 and i have noticed that still WinDVD picture quality is better. Both WinDVD & PowerDVD can now play MP4 but there is a problem "No audio" if you are playing MP4 created with Nero. Can anyone of you guys can explain because Media player 10 also capable to play MP4 which is created in Nero? lastly, my comment only with WinDVD6 it takes sometime to load i assume because it needs a lot of resources for its features. only my opinion.
  5. Tet Tat I'm also a newbie but i assume same as how to make an unattended Office CD using msi you will only input the CD key one time. And how i do it? I've also browsed some topics on the forums. Anyhow can anybody please help me how i can include to install Style Xp on my unattended XPCD? and how to input my registration code? a lot of thanks in advance.