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  1. Once I have everything backed up, what is the recommended firmware up so this doesn't happen again? I have the st3750330as
  2. just wanted to say thank you to the people that found this fix and for the help in trouble shooting the problems I had. I just got my 750gb drive back online and I'm putting all the data on a new drive.
  3. So I tried the loopback test and got nothing. The led's didn't come on didn't get an echo (i have echo char locally off) I tried powering it by battery and by the small power for the floppy drive with the PSU. When I connect everything up with the hard drive the tx led lights up solid. I get gibberish until the grounds are connected, still can't get a prompt from it though. Is the nokia cable easier to do this with or does anyone know of a rs232 to ttl that already has the pins soldered to the board. The one I have is this RS232 Shifter SMD sku: PRT-00449 from spark fun elec. I'm thinking that something is wrong with the board, maybe when it got soldered.
  4. ok I will put the grounds together. but is the board bad since the led for the TX does not light up?
  5. I used the first directions from this board. Yes I have read the read me. with the loop back test can you test it with just the usb to serial adapter and the battery connected?
  6. So I tried this fix the other day and could not get it to work. When I go into hyperterm it spits out gebberish. I believe it could be one of two problem the grounds are not connected together or the friend I had solder the board messed the board up. The green led on TX doesn't light up anymore after he solder the pins the the board. I gonna try to ground the HDD, the board, and the power together and see if that gets me anywhere. Also some clarification on the directions. When you have the HDD at the start do you power it on then place the card stock between the motor and pcb or place it in between and then supply power to the hdd? last thing is any one in ohio somewhat close to dayton that might be able to help? Someone that's actually had success.