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  1. A word of warning. After setting up a boot trace like described in the OP, my computer first got a BSOD at startup saying something about "IRQL_OR_LESS...". Then after restarting my RAID1 array (not the win drive) notified me of a "degrade" and then the startup hung at a blinking cursor (before "Starting Windows"). Then after restarting AGAIN, the RAID1 array notified of a "rebuild" and then Windows started again normally (after I skipped a Windows Repair menu). Upon entering Windows again the trace logger notified me of a successful log, then said "Waiting for prefetcher..." for a while and then said; After running the .etl file through xperf, like the OP says, the summary_boot.xml contains just this line; I guess I can live with a 30 second delay on my SSD setup.
  2. I was aiming for a DOS arcade setup, but since my motherboard doesn't support SB16 emulation (not even with a Ensoniq AudioPCI card) and I couldn't get the TV-out to output PAL in color in DOS, I gave up on it. I'm currently just running it in Windows 98 using the SB0220 and the drivers I mentioned (these) without all the applets. Seems to run fine so far. But thanks for checking into this.
  3. First up I'd like to say thanks to RetroOS, MDGx and others for the work you've done. Trying to keep the world from forgetting these great cards is no easy task. I've got not one but TWO SB Live! cards that are not detected by this compilation or any other driver I can find, for that matter. The first one is a CT4670 with this device ID: VEN_1102&DEV_0002&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_05 Yes the "Subsys" is eight zeroes. The other one is a SB0220 (infamous on the net for being a PITA, Creative don't even list it as a legacy card on their site.) and it's device ID is: VEN_1102&DEV_0002&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_0A Again the "Subsys" is eight zeroes. For some odd reason this one accepts the driver for "Creative MultiMedia Interface" and "Creative Gameport Joystick" but not for the audio card itself. I've been fighting these cards for almost straight two days now, trying all the drivers I can find and even trying to modify them. I even got the original driver cd for the ORIGINAL Live! but the card disappeared many years ago. Also, it doesn't help that my ISP has capped my "foreign" download speed for the month, so I can forget downloading any ISO's or other big compilations until next month. Now where did I put my rope... UPDATE 1: I moved the SB0220 down one PCI slot and now the "Subsys" reads 80651102 and as it isn't on the list, it doesn't work. Might as well try this with the other one. UPDATE 2: Ok I think I found some VXD drivers that work for my SB0220. These seem to install fine but just now I got a 'Cthelper' illegal operation error. At least I'm getting somewhere. UPDATE 3: Winamp Waveout plays fine but once I try DirectSound I get BSOD (Fatal exception ... in VXD DSOUND(03)). I've installed DirectX 9.0c. Seems to be a common problem but haven't found a solution yet. UPDATE 4: Finally! Fixed the DirectSound problem by rolling back to DirectX 5.2 using DirectX Eradicator and then installed DirectX 7. Should've told myself that DX9 would never play nice with VXD drivers. Now for the DOS drivers... UPDATE 5: I can't get AudioHQ or Surround Mixer to work. AudioHQ gives me an "Not Enough Disk Space" error when trying to install (on a 10GB drive). Surround Mixer installs but gives me an "Failed to load plugins" error when trying to start. UPDATE 6: Just realized that my motherboard doesn't support SB 16 Emulation (PCI SERR thingy). FML!

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