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  1. thanks. don't have an usb drive, but I built another windows and installed it on the second partition from the first. So now i am going to delete it so the os partition is at the beginning. I still got the error message but it seems to have worked ok anyway, so far. it won't assess cpu performance. Can I change drive letter on the system disk to C? edit: curse, I resized and formatted c: (os was on D:), now all i get is a black screen with a blinking DOS cursor... probably must get me an usb memory stick to get it going again?
  2. woo hoo, this one came out 1.2g (x86)! have no idea what i did differently.... edit: I did the install, from an alcohol 52% virtual drive. then a window popped up: setup could not be successfully completed. To finish setup"... that is all I got to read before it restarted. It then loaded win7, but no wlan hardware was detected, and it could not assess system performance, the one game i kept, checkers, was gone, and it won't finish "discover new hardware" (been trying for 20min). After windows.old is deleted, it has eaten 7gig.. from the 1.2gig iso. The last session inf file got deleted unfortunately. I removed very few services, mostly just the backup, restore and encrypted disc stuff. all language, many drivers and wmp, dvd maker, defender and lots of accessories. Any idea what the problem is? What should I do? I will try to reinstall from extracted ISO on the second partition without virtual drive and see...
  3. I'm reading this thread but so slowly that it'll take me a few more days.. but I want to ask two questions: I've removed a lot of stuff, like most drivers, defender, ie, defrag, dcleaner, languages, speech support, media player and center, dvd maker, and lots more, but i still get an iso of 3.3gig from the original of 3.6gig. rebuilt current image only, x86 ultimate. Am I doing something wrong, or should it be like that? Also, can I install from a second partition, or an mp3 player, since I don't have a cdrom? or from another computer on the wlan? regards, phyllis

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