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  1. WIAK /AIK

    Nu-uh.... more than just that, but also includes that... Wiki.To get "just that" you need the whole thing to extract those items. Jaclaz (here on MSFN) referred to a tool to Mount the ISO Image remotely to allow for getting "just that" (to avoid the complete download), but don't have the Topic/Post logged, so you just need to "search". HTH... Thanks for the help guys. ima start to understand this a bit
  2. WIAK /AIK

    If WAIK only provides the plugin/addon to play with .WIM files, why in the world is it 1.3 gigs of a download, since the windows image and the service pack files are quite large themselves!
  3. Thank you sb. But the above specifically mentions that these are _not_ meant for SB600. On that note, I have been searching all over the internet about anyone else facing the same issue with an SB600 ATI southbridge and yes, this specific southbridge definitely has something against Windows XP (or vice versa). SO i gave up on XP+SB600+AHCI... I'm using Windows 7 for my AHCI dreams (and any benefits that I was looking for)... Win7 had in-built AHCI support for my mobo and it works like a charm. T y v m
  4. 690G/ SB600 AHCI driver slipstreaming issue

    Hi. I could not find any rogue spear driver... however, there's a popular download on that site that is probably supposed to slipstream/enhance the windows setup so the user could get a lot of goodies installed when they can start using XP (after setup) and I'm not interested in changing anything in the default XP setup except for AHCI support. I'm currently going to use Slackware and Win7 which support the AHCI on my motherboard out of the box. I thank everyone for their inputs Cheers
  5. 690G/ SB600 AHCI driver slipstreaming issue

    Hi. This didn't work as well. I guess the driver is just not well-written for XP... I tried a stock win7 install with AHCI and it's working fine. I might just record the relevant registry entries and try it out once again with XP sometime later tyvm!
  6. 690G/ SB600 AHCI driver slipstreaming issue

    Thanks. Gonna try it right now.
  7. Hi all. I hope i put in a descriptive title there.lol So I can't decide which of the following 3 should this thread go into, so I'm posting it here... 1. Software, Hardware, Media and Games - Software Hangout 2. Unattended Windows Discussion & Support - Device Drivers 3. Microsoft Software Products - Windows XP ... Ok I'm not flaming but after reading through, you will understand that either of microsoft or AMD has to be blamed for the following. I read about the reduced wear'n'tear + power consumption (and possible speed increases) that AHCI offers, was excited and started to learn how to integrate AHCI drivers into a winXP setup. After a number of hurdles, i managed to get the device IDs, Dosnet.inf and Txtsetup.inf stuff fixed. The windows would install smoothly until after the setup completion and at the initial boot. It would just BSOD with a stop 0x0000007b error despite everything i could do to fix this boot issue. I even tried changing the SATA drive's port while switching to and from a 'standard' IDE non-ahci port, turning computer on & off while rebooting; also tried fixing the ARC bootloader setting from multi(0) to scsi(0) etc and no luck. Meanwhile also tried bootlogging & safe modes but couldn't find an ntbtlog... Though after close examination of every text file in the installed folders, i came to know about Bootact and Bootsetup logfiles which showed that during GUI mode setup, windows couldn't copy the AHCI drivers and forces the controller as null device. I have even tried using all the possible Device and subSystem IDs and forced them into Txtsetup.inf as well as ahcix86.inf but to no avail. I'm using the nLite's method to put them in NLDRV/001 folder under i386. I guess I have read too much on this topic and tried almost everything (i say almost, since someone *might* be able to help) A purely nLited method did not work for a couple of times - so nLite is no-no. RAID slipstreamer fails to execute - I have multiple boot XPs - clean, fully loaded with softwares, tools, etc...have tried adding the EXE to date execution protection list etc etc ... Either microsoft has it wrong somewhere (because customer is always right ) or the AMD's hardware (sb600) or its drivers are at fault somewhere. I'm at the verge of jumping to a bad conclusion now that i have invested so many days on getting ahci to work. Any further help is greatly appreciated!
  8. What does MSFN stand for?

    I'm just glad someone responded All the best!
  9. What does MSFN stand for?

    thanks 5eraph btw
  10. What does MSFN stand for?

    Ok disregard my last question here i was not able to find an "About Us" or something to that effect and this was becoming a burning question I finally found this out in the main forum rules But I'm surprised this thread had 6 views and nobody knew the answer?? Cheers
  11. What does MSFN stand for?

    What is MSFN the acronym for? Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, but a number of searches did not reveal anything Thanks in advance for taking out time to research this, find out and letting me know
  12. Hello from SB600 AHCI :p

    Thanks mate
  13. nLite configuration

    oh hi. i usually dont check private messages, since i'm new to this forum and this has a completely different layout xD anyways, as i replied on the forum thread, i deleted my nLite configuration files, since i did not need them anymore. and besides, my .INI file wont help you, because I might have a different motherboard/ hardware/ driverset/ configuration that I was working on... therefore that .INI file will most likely not help you out. However, if you can let us know (by replying in the thread so that others can see it and possibly reply to it as well), that should certainly help you out. Also let us know what exactly are you trying to do and what kind of hardware is installed in your computer so we can give specific answers. cheers mate
  14. nLite configuration

    btw, what exactly are you trying to do / install?
  15. nLite configuration

    im afraid i deleted mine after i used nLite. however, i did not find anything that it deleted after modifying my windows setup folder that i copied from my winXP CD. if you think nLite might delete something from your winXP files, you can always delete the modified folder(s) and copy the setup files again from your installation CD or backup.