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  1. That's really disappointing. Thanks anyways.
  2. Hi All, I not very familiar with WInPE so I registered to this board to ask a question that I couldn't find an answer anywhere else. Hope you can help. So here's the situation. I want to run a WinPE image on an ESX host and control it via the internal VNC functionality of the ESX host. The problem with that is that the mouse commands that way (as apposed to a regular VNC server if it was installed on the WinPE) always moves the mouse downwards and to the left (see vid). This is a known problem when the driver used is the generic PS2 and not the vmware tools one. I followed tutorials on how to add vmware drivers to the WIM image and I did so, the problem is that is still uses the PS2 one and not the VMware one (I assume). My question is how do I make it use the vmware driver? On a regular windows machine I would simply go to device manager and change driver. Controlling the machine when VNC server is installed on PE image works but it's not an option for me (maybe if everything else fails). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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