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  1. I will uninstall and use Driver Sweeper in Safe Mode for nvidia and realtek audio and update them. I will also uninstall and update the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. Maybe I need to rerun the dpc trace because I have a dpc checker tool from TC Electronic (http://forum.tcelectronic.com/viewtopic.php?id=30) that constantly spikes in the 1000-2000 us range and with it running right now I have a max latency as stated by the program of 2793 us (program says Your computer performance is not optimal for streaming). I have a firewire tc electronic impact twin audio interface connected to a pcie firewire card with a Texas Instruments chip (all the major manufacturers like m-audio, tc electronic, and focusrite strongly recommend a TI chip) that is getting audio dropout on windows media player and DAWs with buffer set to 512 (with my old mainboard buffer was fine at 128-256). I use both onboard audio and impact twin because I use teamspeak 3 and my headset mic doesn't work with the impact twin. I just got this pcie card for xmas so this is the 1st I've used the impact twin with this mainboard (had this mainboard for around 2 months). Before I had an old sockete939 mainboard with an onboard TI firewire chip under the same win7 x64 install which gave me 0 problems except for some BSOD about once a week. The old board hovered around 100-300 us with the dpc checker tool. I'm also contemplating a total reformat if I can't solve the issue due to the fact my phenom II x4 955 BE is arriving tomorrow and I wan't things running cleanly...
  2. Hello Andre, I'm going to send you a PM with a link to my DCP_Interrupt.etl. In resource monitor System Interrupts constantly jumps around 0-8% cpu and sometimes spikes up to 10-20%. Hopefully you can help me figure out why. I'm on a pc I built with the latest BIOS and Chipset drivers. I really appreciate the dedicated service you're providing here.