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  1. I think there arent any problems in WPI, but the machine suspends before finished installing a large software collection. Regards.
  2. WPI is launched from firstlogoncommands so the desktop is fully loaded, so the standard powersaving configuration is applied. Its a standard W7 SP1 version, by default Win7 blank screen after 10 minutes and suspend after 30 minutes, some programs like filezilla disable suspend when doing transfers, I need a way to disable suspend while WPI is running.
  3. Hi all, on my setup, windows 7 goes to suspend before WPI finishes installing all software packages, are there any builtin way in WPI to stop windows from suspend? or maybe some utility recommended? I prefer a way that not modify the system power options. Regards.
  4. WPI v8.1.0 Bug Report Thread

    Hello, Can someone point me to the latest beta version? I want to try it with the latest registry_dos.js than mritter send me. Regards.
  5. WPI v8.1.0 Bug Report Thread

    Hi All, first post on this forum I have builded an unattended xp pro sp3 corporate dvd with nlite + driverpacks + WPI (all latest versions) its working great except by a few little problems: .- The "cd eject when done" feature seems that doesnt works on xp, I have installed more than 20 pcs and none eject the cd tray when wpi finishes, not a big deal otherwise .- At first I used the nlite "runonce" method to lauch WPI, but for some reason WPI crashes with some packages like netFXAIO a (1,2,3,3.5 .net framework installer) or a ninite installer , give me an "error 70:, c:/history.js, permission denied", I see this occur several times, so I swith to the $OEM$.rar method, when using "$OEM method" the "error 70" never happens. PD: Error 70 only happens when WPI starts launched by "nlite runonce" when launched manually never happens. .- But today WPI refuses to start automatically with a "Windows cant find I:/wpi/wpi.exe" seems that RunWPI its trying to find WPI/WPI.EXE on the latest removable letter (I:) but CD drive is "E:", the computer have the following drives: hard disk: C:/D: (partitions) cd drive: E: card reader: F:/G:/H:/I: .- On some situations seems that %sysdrv% isnt working, like FILECOPY commands, using %systemdrive% works fine, havent tested this much. Any help would be appreciated. PD: Sorry for my bad english. Regards.