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  1. Running KernelEx 4.5 Final on Windows 98SE I tried installing VLC Player 1.1.5 but it crashed hard. It won't even play an MP3 file. I scanned through here and some people recommended getting the unicows.dll file, but I have that in my windows\system\ directory. I even found two other versions on my computer so I took the one with the most recent date (August 31, 2007) and overwrote the one in the windows\system directory. No change. So now I'm downloading KMPlayer I think 2.9.3..xxxx (edit:it works) or something, I got the info out of this forum that it was working for someone. A few quick questions: What's the latest VLC Player version that can run under KernelEx? What's the latest KMPlayer version that can run under KernelEx? Which one's better? Any tips for either?

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