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  1. It's amazing! There are people releasing unofficial paths for Win2k. Jinjou, thanks a lot for your advice and information. They were really helpful for me. (I was lost in the information’s oceans) It will take me sometime, but I think that now I can slipstream my own Windows 2000 Pro’s cd. Thanks for the upload to ykchanaed and Maxfutur. (It seems that the Maxfutur’s link has a more updated version of opuc.dll)
  2. Thanks very much for your answers. My question about the removal of “WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe”, the files under “Required to access Windows Update” and “Required to access Microsoft Update & Office Update” was because now there are not going to be new updates and the links to IEAWSDC.CAB and opuc4.cab files are broken. I sorry, but I still do not understand what “FDV not recommended” means. Does it means that this update should not be placed in FDV, that I better remove FDV folder or maybe that it should not be used with the filesets? (I have never used a fileset because I do not know if it works fine on the Spanish version of Windows and what changes it makes to the system integrity.) The problem with Tomcat76's Dynamic hotfix is that it is outdated. I do not know what files do I need to create an updated Windows CD. So, HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v4 should work fine.
  3. Hello, thanks guys for this great forum and Merry Christmas to everybody. Three years ago I successfully created an updated Spanish Windows 2000 Professional cd, thanks to HFSLIP and the Tomcat76's Windows 2000 SP4 list. Now that there are not going to be any new Windows updates for the 2k versions, I want to create two new cds. One with all the available updates-upgrades, and a light one for a quite old Athlon XP 1.6 256MB PC (without upgrading to Windows Media player 9, installing any “unnecessary” resources eater software or things that are usually useless and could be a security risks for the system integrity.) After some search I found the bristols’s updated Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Hotfixes list. The matter is that I do not know really much about Windows updates and everything related to slipstreaming. Without the Tomcat76's Dynamic hotfix lists I get lost. (I tried “Windows Updates Downloader” too, but after downloading the updates I do not know where to place them for slipstreaming the CD.) Are “WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe” and the files under “Required to access Windows Update” and “Required to access Microsoft Update & Office Update” useless now? Should I remove them from the slipstreaming? If I am right then Server only files should not be included I cannot find the Spanish version of Script 5.7. Is it OK to add its English version?. Is better to add just the IE6’s one? (I mean, the files have different names and I do not know if this could affect the slipstreaming process. SCRIPTEN.CAB, SCRIPTES.CAB) What is the meaning of “FDV not recommended”? Is the Windows2000-KB976323-x86-ENU.EXE only needed when the Windows 2k machine is a mail server, such as Hotmail for example? Do I have to do any change in the HFSLIP_PRE_TZ4 files to implement the Timezone updates to the Spanish version of Windows 2k? (Replace ENU by ESN) Do I have to do anything to automatically update the European countries currency to € or it is already implemented? What version of HFSLIP should I use for slipstreaming and updated Spanish Windows 2k cd? (Sorry for my English)

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