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  1. Hello guys! My first post on this forum and it's already crazy ! My problem is that I'm kinda lazy when I have to reinstall all crap with Windows such as drivers, apps and God knows what else. Well I read about silent installs, unattended installation etc. But now I don't know where to start. I'd like to make kind of install like OEM does: preinstalled drivers + soft to them (like CCC in AMD, whole suite to X-Fi Extreme Music), preinstalled apps etc. Here is the problem: tutorials here and google don't show how to do it in simple way (I don't know maybe it's my English ). Then also I'd like to have automatically have configured some apps (copied FF profile, copied WinRar key into it's folder etc) I know I need .bat file for that. So is that possible to do? And would someone help me to do it? If someone would help me I will do some kind of tutorial how to make that kind of Unattended+Configured Windows. ps. I know I can make something like that by installing Windows, installing everything configuring it and then make copy of partition by Ghost or Acronis but it's way longer than my idea. (or maybe that's the better way?)

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