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  1. I have key for office enterprise 2007. Now, where should i put this key to file config.xml, so that when installed it automatically works ???
  2. How to determine the parameters of the type softwave silent switch does not? Help me, Please ! Example: winrar.exe ===> winrar.exe /S opera.exe ===> opera.exe /silent
  3. Where am I wrong? How ever software is not installed automatically ? Thanks !
  4. Thanks for all! I suceed ! http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/Post_$OEM$.rar <== Your link can't be used, instead, use this: http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/$oem$.rar
  5. I use WPI_v8.1.0, should not file wpi.hta, so when using the $OEM$, it fails
  6. I use WPI_v8.1.0. How do after installing windows XP, then it automatically starts WPI? I've read through a lot of comment, but I still do not understand how to give WPI can boot after windows install process is finished. Please! Help me!
  7. Thanks! I click to disable UxTheme, but notsucceed. And i tried click to Enable - Notsucceed
  8. I'm customizing windows (I customizing from the original Win XP SP3 of MS V 5.1.2600.5512), but after installing, it is not the default theme I chosed ( but I have to manually select theme ), as follows: - I tried using the nlite and RVM_Integrator. - I have created an addon theme, and after it was installed on the Resources \ Themes \, the name theme is "modtheme.theme". - In I386 also had uxtheme.dl_ file. - And Winnt.sif configuration is: Look forward to your help! Thanks!

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