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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Wasn't able to get the error message (pressed F8 repeatadly during boot but couldn't find "no reboot on system failure". ) At what point should F8 be pressed - it would be good to know for the future.... I did two things (different driver package, tried sata positions 3&4 instead of 1&2) so I can't say for certain which worked. Should have done one at a time but its painful running 45min experiments, Sorry Fernando =) 1) Turned off RAID in bios, moved two drives from SATA positions 1&2 to 3&4. Enabled RAID in bios, rebuilt heathly array, selected correct boot device priorities. 2) Downloaded the chipset drivers from the Asus site Downloads>A8N-E>XP> Others. (nVidia Chipset(CK804) driver version V6.65 for Windows XP(WHQL).) Pointed nlite to the IDE\sataraid folder and added the two drivers as textmode. XP install worked fine with the new CD and stock Asus drivers. Comp is now up and running! Thanks for your help and a great tutorial. Cheers, Colin
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Fernando, Thanks so much for the help. At work at the moment but can't wait to get back home to try your suggestions. I will try the F8 (no reboot on system failure). I will create two new nlite discs (one with the asus chipset drivers, one with the WHQL certified nForce SATARAID and SATA_IDE drivers v6.99) I'll report back with the error details as well as the results with the certified drivers. I haven't sucessfully installed any OS on the RAID array (this windows XP install was my first go). Prior to this I just had XP installed on a single SATA drive. Cheers, Colin
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Fernando, Thanks for the quick reply. Regarding your points. 1) XP source is clean (no winnt.sif present) 2) I am using nlte only for driver integration & bootable CD 3) Tried integrating Legacy folder v6.99 as 2 textmode drivers. a) RAID array shows as healthy and bootable B) Bios settings are stock (no overclocking) c) Only have 2Gig RAM installed (verified to be error free with prime95) d) All HD except the RAID array have been removed. After the windows setup finishes the 'installing windows' portion and reboots I get a very quick BSOD and then reboot loop. The first attempt followed your instructions using only the 2 textmod drivers from your modifited v6.99. Second attempt was the same I thought the problem could be a bad cd burn. Third attempt included your v9.99 IDE driver as PnP in addition to the 2 textmode 6.99 drivers. Each time the failure occurs at the same point each time (50min into the windows install) when windows does its power cycle. ==> Is it possible something was broken for my specific case in your last release of legacy drivers? ==> Would it be worth while creating the nlite bootable CD with the chipset drivers from the Asus site? rather than your modified package? ==> Assuming I've followed your instructions correctly can you think of anything else that would cause the BSOD loop after the normal windows reboot 50min into the process? perhaps a bios setting? ==> Thanks again for the instuctions you've provided here. Prior to stumbling upon this page I couldn't even get windows to recognize the RAID array during setup..... Cheers, Colin
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Fernando, Thanks so much for giving such a detailed post (and following up with peoples questions!) Using an A8N-E mobo with nForce 4 Ultra chipset. Can't seem to finish install on SATA RAID array. All I have is an SP2 Windows XP CD (perhaps this is my problem). Flashed the bios to the latest available at the Asus site. Raid array is built and appears healthy during boot. Used your 'hasty user short form guide =)' Integrated the SATARAID drivers (>32bit nForce LEGACY drivers v6.99 mod by Fernando (download link)<) Installation progressed, drives detected in windows setup, almost all the way through the install then BSOD and reboot loop. I read your more detailed instructions and found that I should also integrate IDE PnPdriver. All the links tho on the page seem to be for 420+ chipsets so I tried the one from (>32bit nForce IDE drivers v9.99.09 mod by Fernando (download link)<). created new nlite boot disc and had the same problem at the same point. I've removed all unnessisary hardware and the only drives connected are the 2 SATA's in the RAID 1 array. CD drive is IDE. Any help would be most appreciated (I don't have much hair left to pull out). Cheers, Colin