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  1. I'm sure you already solved this another way, but if you don't enter the USEREMAIL and ACCOUNTEMAIL in the MSI, you can prompt for them with something like AutoItScript easily: Dim $username = InputBox('LogMeIn Installation','Enter a LogMeIn username:') ShellExecuteWait('logmein.msi', '/qn USEREMAIL=' & $username & ' ACCOUNTEMAIL=' & $username, @TempDir, 'Open', @SW_HIDE) Exit You can do the same thing for password, etc. You can even make a fully compiled single-file installer to make sure no one messes around with your MSI: Dim $username = InputBox('LogMeIn Installation','Enter a LogMeIn username:') FileInstall('logmein.msi', @TempDir & '\logmein.msi', 1) ShellExecuteWait(@TempDir & '\logmein.msi', '/qn USEREMAIL=' & $username & ' ACCOUNTEMAIL=' & $username, @TempDir, 'Open', @SW_HIDE) FileDelete(@TempDir & '\logmein.msi') Exit
  2. First of all, thanks for your information. Works flawlessly. A couple questions. What settings can I edit in the MSI to: 1. Disable automatic download/notification of updates. 2. Disable asking the user what to do if there is an error. 3. Hide LogMeIn tray icon? Also, maybe it is just me, but the previous MSI (the one mentioned here) when uninstall would delete the machine from logmein. The new MSI that was released this week does not. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Rick

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