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  1. Well jaclaz, I took your advice and went with Office 2000, due to your comment about it being a bettered Office 97, and the fact of it being very affordable. My current computer, bought almost 2 years ago, came with a trial version of Office 2007, Student and Home. I tried it out and decided, since this is for personal use and not for any office functions, I didn't need 2007 because I could foresee many trials, tribulations, headaches, and @&)!* words flying through the air. At 74, I won't do that to myself! Thanks for your advice and the informative, hilarious summary of the differences between the various versions of Office. Thanks again, MBK
  2. I'm finally going to update my Office 97 Pro, probably to 2003 Pro, because, when I'm using Word, it sometimes freezes on me, and the only way I can close Word then is through the task manager. That tends to corrupt the file I was in, which is not OK with me. My question is: what will it do to the numbers in my files. I'm retired and have many food/knitting/sewing files, all of which have the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, etc. Will the upgrade do wonky things to the numbers? I've stayed with it all these years because it has done everything I need, but the freeze problem has finally pushed me to thinking very hard about upgrading. I also just stumbled across as extremely affordable Office 2000 Pro package. Would it be better to upgrade in stages, or just bite the bullet and install 2003 Pro? Thanks for any help offered. MBK