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  1. The problem I'm running into now is no longer relevant to this thread. Whenever I try to run the NVIDIA installer for 81.98 (or any earlier revision that supports Windows 9X and the 6X00 series) I get an error, saying that the installer could not "locate any NVIDIA graphics chips." I searched around for the error and found that people needed to extract the files and install the drivers manually, but when I tried that I started getting protection errors because of "VXDLDR.vxd"

    I checked the driver info and Windows 95 isn't allocating NEARLY as much RAM for the Display Driver as Windows 98SE is, but no matter how much I try I can't modify the setting. I Googled part of my bootlogs and it's pretty clear that the dynamic driver loader is running into problems in the middle of initializing the NVIDIA driver.

    Any idea who I should talk to about that? :D

  2. When I open up FIX95CPU.iso, I only see one file, dun14-95.exe. When I open it as an archive in 7zip, I don't see any of the files you mentioned. This doesn't make sense to me, though, because I could swear that when I use FIX95CPU it says it installs correctly. Where do I find the individual files?

    Yes, I tried re-using FIX95CPU after I still had the protection error. Still got the protection error :}

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found them. I had to write the floppy image separately inside of Windows 98 :rolleyes:

    I'll edit this post again when I learn of success or failure.

    EDIT AGAIN: Progress, but apparently not enough. This time I get to the screen that says something like "Getting ready to run Windows 95 for the first time." It looks like it's thinking for a bit, and then I get the Windows protection error again. To clarify, here was the methodology this time:

    -Go into BIOS and disable everything that looks like it can be disabled

    -Place the Win95 installation files onto the C:\ drive

    -Place the FIX95CPU files in the installation folder (C:\win95)

    -Boot using Win95C boot disk

    -Install from C:\win95\setup.exe

    -Restart WITHOUT having FIX95CPU in the floppy drive

    -Get to start screen

    -Have protection error before any dialog boxes come up (~8 seconds transpire before the protection error. That's eight more seconds than I was getting last time...)

    LAST EDIT PROMISE: I tried the step-by-step confirmation option again, and I found that the problem isn't with loading the user interface; I said "yes" to everything EXCEPT loading all device drivers. That got it to boot into safe mode. There's a driver problem somewhere. So how do I get the installer to install the bare minimum of device drivers? The last time I tried a custom install I told the hardware profiler ONLY to look for a display adapter, CD-Rom drive, Floppy drive, hard drives, mouse, and keyboard...that sounds pretty "bare minimum" to me...

  3. You said you are running a Pentium 4 3.0GHz, do you know if it is a Northwood or a Prescott?

    (I have only used the patch on Northwood's and a Gallatin, I know Windows XP had some issues with Prescott CPU's, don't think it affects 95/98 but I don't know.)

    According to CPU-Z, it's a Prescott. Windows 98SE installs and runs just fine on it, though; that's where I'm running CPU-Z from.

    What other hardware is in your computer, sound cards, network cards, etc, including those integrated into the motherboard?

    - Have you tried installing Windows 95 with these other hardware items removed or disabled in the BIOS?

    I'll try to name as much as I can find out:

    Motherboard is ASUS P4C800E Deluxe

    Audio is SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio

    Network card is Intel Pro/1000 CT Network Card (the linux driver is called "e1000")

    GPU is NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra hardware version 161

    There's some sort of PCI RAID Controller but I can't find it in the BIOS to disable it. It still shows up as an "Other device" in Windows 98.

    I've tweaked my BIOS heavily and tried many reinstalls with many configurations. The problem remains. Of all my hardware, if I had to guess, I'd assume the problem is the RAID controller. The problem is that I think it may be integrated, and I don't know how to disable it in the BIOS.

    From your response I assume you are installing Windows 95 from the CD?

    How are you performing the initial boot, have you created a bootable Windows 95 CD or are you using a floppy?

    - If using a floppy, have you tried creating a FIX95CPU floppy instead of the CDROM?

    Have you tried copying the install files to the hard drive and running Setup from there?

    Are you doing a "Custom" Setup or using "Typical", "Full", etc?

    Are you using a MSBATCH.INF script?

    Which Networking Protocols/Functions did you choose during install?

    Did the second phase of Setup complete properly after installing FIX95CPU and rebooting?

    - If so, you should have been prompted to keep the newer version of NDIS.VXD installed by the patch, did you?

    Have you tried reinstalling the patch after you get the Windows Protection Error?

    (Theoretically it should still work, as it is designed to be used before or after the second phase of Setup.)

    -I initially boot with a Windows 98SE CD. I tell it to boot into the command prompt with CD support, swap it out with a Windows 95 CD, and run setup. If there's something else I ought to be trying instead please link me to a better bootloader.

    -I have, but that was with a different Windows 95 CD. It got the same results, though.

    -I've tried custom and typical. When I try custom I generally remove all of the network protocols before installation. It doesn't help.

    -The second phase of setup does not complete because it cannot run in safe mode. I get the protection error before installation fully finishes.

    Thanks a ton for giving this such close attention :hello:

    EDIT: I tried again with the install files on the hard drive, using a floppy boot disk labeled "win95osr25.img." It booted correctly from my floppy drive and said "Starting Windows 95" when it took me to the A:> prompt, so I'm assuming that how I boot setup.exe isn't the main issue. \BOOTLOG.TXT still reveals no errors; the last item in the log (presumably the last instruction reached before the protection error) is "DEVICEINITSUCCESS = BIOS"

  4. When the installation process said it was completed, I took out the Windows 95 CD and put in your patch CD, then I rebooted and followed the installation instructions.

    I did NOT see the protection error before using the patch. However, on a separate installation attempt, I tried to wait before using the patch and I don't remember if I got the exact same error but I know that I couldn't get to safe mode.

  5. Here's what I did:

    1. Install Windows 95 to C:\

    2. Use LoneCrusader's patch for my CPU

    3. Get a protection error on reboot with no other diagnostic information whatsoever

    The exact wording of the error:

    "Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer."

    That's the only line.

    When I try rebooting, I get the following prompt:

    1. Normal

    2. Logged (\BOOTLOG.TXT)

    3. Safe Mode

    4. Step-by-step confirmation

    5. Command prompt only

    6. Safe mode command prompt only

    (1) Does what you'd think: results in another protection error.

    (2) Results in a protection error, but I can't find BOOTLOG.TXT anywhere on C:\

    (3) Gets me to the desktop, but it gives me a dialog box saying "Windows cannot detect and install your devices while it is running in safe mode. To detect and install your devices, restart Windows and don't choose safe mode."

    (4) Results in a protection error when I tell it to turn on the GUI

    (5) Works, but when I navigate to C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI I get a BSOD

    (6) Haven't bothered trying.

    Info on my setup:

    CPU: Pentium 4 @ 3.0GhZ

    RAM: 512MB

    Hard drive and CD drive are both PATA and have no problems with any other OSes.

    Please help!



    More hardware details:

    GPU: NVidia 6800 256MB

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