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  1. Hello, I have a problem with my hdd,(ST3500320AS 500Gb 7200.11 S/N:9QM815FX P/N:9BX154-303 Firmware SD15 (Thailand)) I dont know what was wrong, but when I am turning on my pc and vista was loaded, my pc has very long response on every action I am was almost unable to do something. I was like that I could turn off my pc. When I turn it on again, same things happend, and again. But on the another try I am was unable to boot into the system. When I push reset and looked on the booting sequence my hdd was gone, then I enter in to the bios and I saw that there is not any hdd, it was srange. I found that the HDD will only appear if I off and turning on pc back, if I use only a reset button, hdd is still gone. I am google it this problem and found that is a firmware problem. So, I am tryed to update firmware to version S1D, it was updated ok. Now I could see the hdd in the bios almost all the time, but there is a another problem. I dont know if this firmware upgrade help, but I thing that not.SMART status on this disk is now BAD and told me that I have do a copy of data and replace the disc.(but before firmware flash was Smart OK) When I connect hdd to another pc system (W7) could show me this hdd sometimes and I am able to see all my data. But when I start something to copy, something is copied, for example 8Gb of data and then suddenly stop with reading error from the disk. The disk disappear and is gone from table of hardware, like I suddenly disconnected him from pc. If I use only restart, hdd is not shown in the booting sequence and bios. I have to turn pc off and on. Hdd is now in the bios and so on. So, what I can do? Is it a firmware bug like on the other discs of this series? Thanks for respond! (Sorry for my english) Martin