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  1. Thought I'd leave an update... Well, I've discovered what "general" thing was causing the problem. It was my seperate graphics card (nvidia 9800gtx+). I called Asus tech support and the guy suggested I try using the onboard graphics to see if that helps... and it did. I haven't gotten the high cpu usage or driver interrupts at all! Only problem is, on board graphics suck and I want to use my own card!! Now that we're one step closer, any idea what could cause a graphics card to cause the high usage or what would it even have to do with the drivers it was causing to have issues with )like ndis.sys, ataport.sys?)
  2. I installed the drivers from the cd and went to realteks site and downloaded their audio drivers. I don't think I have any scsi devices... As far as hardware goes, I have my two sata drives currently in ahci mode, a sata dvd drive, heatsink, vga card, vga switch card (allows me to use the pci-e slot in full 16x when only using 1 vga card), cpu, mobo, and thats it.
  3. the driver is very important. Have you made a new trace? is the driver still the cause? Here are the two newest traces, with new culprits... My link My link
  4. Do you run them AHCI or IDE mode? I'm also using an older IDE drive for my backups and I have no issue under Windows 7. They were in IDE. Now in AHCI (with proper drivers installed) and the problem persists. Have tried Windows 7 Home Premium (32 and 64bit), Professional(64), and now Ultimate(64), and each time have the same error. How important are the ataport.sys files? Could I simply delete them or are they crucial parts of the OS?
  5. can you undo this and use the old ones? IDE = the old 40pin parallel connection cable. Both the drives I use are SATA. 1 is a Seagate Baracuda ST31000333AS ATA, and the second is a Western Digital Green drive WDC WD5000AACS-00G8B1 ATA both using ATAPI-8. I've reinstalled the drivers from ASUS' site and disc several times in all combinations. Have also reinstalled the OS using 32 and 64 bit Home Edition and Pro. (Win. 7) I've run the test several times with ataport.sys being the number 1 cause each time. Do you think this is a Windows 7 problem specifically? Wondering if I went back to XP if the problem would be solved.
  6. the ATAport.sys is 1 cause. Which IDE/ATAPI drive do you still use? have you installed all drivers from the ASUS page? the HDA driver tells you have an issue with your sound driver. Do you use the latest driver for your "ALC 892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC"? the ndis.sys is part of network. Do you use the Realtek® 8111E Gigabit LAN controller? Are you using the latest driver? Updated my chipset drivers yesterday (problem has occured since then). Just now updated my HDA driver and LAN driver. What do you mean by IDE/ATAPI drive? I understand it has to do with storage but what you mean by the drive part? Thanks btw Andre!
  7. I was having this slowing issue amd realized my cpu was at 90%+ usage on each core. I followed your guide (great btw, very clear) and these are the results. Can you help me translate the results into knowledge on what I can do to solve?? SYS SPECS: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO USB3 AMD PHENOM II X2 (X4) 3.2GHz 4GB (2x2) G. SKILL RIPJAWS 1600MHz DDR3 COOLER MASTER V8 WD 500GB GREEN HDD, SEAGATE 1TB 7200RPM HDD Win.7 Home Edition 32 Bit. If I can fix this problem, have 64 bit pro that I will be installing. Just built this system up and ive been having this prblem since. http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/410/lolxb.png